Airbnb rentals are booked along the path of the solar eclipse


Airbnb’s business surged in recent weeks as people booked up places in time to watch the historic solar eclipse on Monday.
Airbnb said listings are nearly 90% booked for the night before the eclipse along the path of totality, which is a stretch of the U.S. where the moon will completely cover the sun for a period of time.
About a quarter of guests with stays in the U.S. on April 7 are booked in a spot in the eclipse’s path, according to Airbnb data.
According to NASA, the total solar eclipse will pass over Mexico, the United States and Canada as it crosses North America.
APRIL’S SOLAR ECLIPSE COULD BE THE BEST YET FOR NASA SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENTS, OFFICIALS SAY Depending on the weather, the first location in continental North America that will experience totality is Mexico’s Pacific coast at around 11:07 a.m. PDT, according to NASA.
However, sections of Tennessee and Michigan will also experience the total solar eclipse.
The eclipse will enter Canada in Southern Ontario, and continue through Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Cape Breton.
GET FOX BUSINESS ON THE GO BY CLICKING HERE Airbnb still has availability in certain areas for check-ins on April 7.


Due to people booking rooms in advance of Monday’s historic solar eclipse, Airbnb has experienced a sharp increase in business in recent weeks.

According to Airbnb, nearly 90% of the available listings for the night before the eclipse along the eclipse’s path of totality—a section of the U.S. s. where, for a while, the moon will totally obscure the sun.

Approximately 25% of visitors who stay in the U. S. are reserved in a location along the eclipse’s path on April 7, according to data from Airbnb.

Due to sold-out hotel reservations, travelers on Solar Eclipse are left in the dark.

Based on data from Airbnb, some of the areas with the highest occupancy rates are Buffalo, New York; Stowe, Vermont; Cleveland, Ohio; Rochester, New York; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Dallas and San Antonio, Texas.

Visitors from more than 100 nations and regions—including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Oman, Bahrain, and Brunei—have been persuaded to travel to North America to witness the historic event by the excitement surrounding it.

NASA reports that as the total solar eclipse crosses North America, it will pass over Mexico, the US, and Canada.


The Pacific coast of Mexico will see totality first in continental North America at approximately 11:07 a.m., depending on the weather. me. NASA states that PDT. The eclipse’s path will begin in Texas, cross into Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, and finally end in Canada.

Still, a portion of Michigan and Tennessee will also witness the total solar eclipse.

After passing through Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Cape Breton, the eclipse will finally reach Canada in Southern Ontario.

On April 7, there are still spots available for check-ins on Airbnb in some areas.

The locations with the highest percentage of availability are as follows:.

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