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Looking for Friday’s Strands hints, spangram and answers?
You can find them here: MORE FROM FORBESNYT ‘Strands’ Hints, Spangram And Answers For Friday, April 12th Spring is here at last!
While the theme words will not be a proper name, the spangram can be a proper name.
What Is Today’s Strands Hint?
Just after the hint for today’s Strands puzzle, I’ll reveal what the answer words are.
What Are Today’s Strands Answers?
Don’t scroll any further down the page until you’re ready to find out today’s Strands answers.
Today’s Strands spangram is .


If you’re looking for Friday’s Strands answers, spangrams, and hints, you can find them here:.

Additional ‘Strands’ Hints, Spangram, and Solutions from FORBESNYT for Friday, April 12.

Now that spring has finally arrived, I can feel a noticeable uptick in my mood, but it’s also quite difficult to sit at a desk and write with such beautiful weather.

We are on a weekly rotation for this game, so I’m glad to have another week to write these “Strands” guides. I’ll be taking over for my colleague Paul Tassi, and then handing it off to my colleague Kris Holt. Here on this blog, I also write daily Wordle guides. Additionally, I curate a weekend streaming guide featuring the best new movies and TV shows, the most recent of which you can watch right here.

The New York Times Strands puzzle for today is a lot of fun, though it can be a little challenging at first until you figure out what the theme is actually implying. It is my hope that the additional hint I have provided below will assist you in solving the grid without depleting the game’s hint system. Before things made sense to me today, I admit that I was a little confused.

Guidelines for Strand Play.

The Strands puzzle from the New York Times is a parody of the traditional word search. For the time being, it is in beta, so its survival depends on how many people use it each day.

Every day, a fresh Strands game can be played. You will be presented with a six by eight grid of letters in the game. You will be able to determine the theme of the group of words by looking for commonalities between them. A theme word will stay highlighted in blue as soon as you locate it.

Additionally, you will need to locate a unique word known as a spangram. This indicates the commonality between the words. An opposing side of the board is linked by a spangram. The spangram can be a proper name, even though the theme words won’t be. The spangram will continue to be highlighted in yellow once you locate it.

What’s the Hint for Today’s Strands?

Scroll carefully. I’ll reveal the answer words to today’s Strands puzzle right after the hint.

Today’s Strand puzzle has group think as its official theme hint.

To help you find the answer, consider this additional clue: Are you prepared to rock?

Which Answers Apply to Today’s Strands?

Beware of spoilers: wait to see the answers to today’s Strands puzzles until you’re ready to scroll down the page.

I will first explain the spangram and indicate its location on the grid. After that, I’ll explain the other terms to you and demonstrate how they work together.

This is the last caution that you receive!

This is the Strands spangram for today.


The Spangram is located at this location on the grid:.

Finding the remaining words for the day is usually not too difficult once you locate the Spangram, although I had some difficulties with a few of them. The complete list is as follows:.


Go quickly.

Eternal bliss.




The oasis.

The Strands Breakdown of Today.

Before I finally found my first word, I looked for a very long time. I proceeded to QUEEN because I knew that ‘QU’ had to exist, but I was still perplexed. When I saw the word ROCK, I attempted it without success. It all came together when I discovered RUSH while looking around corners. I returned to ROCK, and sure enough, it led to ROCKBANDS, the SPANGRAM.

I soon discovered NIRVANA from this point on, and it was easy to find POISON after that. Three of the eight words today were challenging. It took some thinking to find JOURNEY, and even though it was the final word, OASIS was still a little difficult to find after a while. Eventually, I did find HEART. Every single vowel!

This reminds me of the Jack Black film School Of Rock, which you should definitely watch if you haven’t already.

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