Major Helldivers 2 balance patch adjusts enemies and weapons, slightly nerfs my beloved Quasar and Sickle, and more

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Helldivers Patch 01.000.300 Overview For this patch, we have made improvements and changes to the following areas: Balance changes to weapons, stratagems, and enemies.
Fixed issue where kills from orbital barrage did not progress Indirect Fire Exercise order.
Fixed issue that allowed traitors to try to sabotage the extraction shuttle by deploying sentry stratagems below it.
Fixed issue where the left stick on a controller could not be used to navigate the Social menu.
Fixed issue where the Sickle and Quasar Cannon could not shoot through foliage.
Fixed issue where Hellbombs would not deploy on certain missions Fixed certain issues that resulted in Helldivers drowning in deep water upon landing.
Fixed issue where Hellpod Space Optimization made ammo go above capacity.
Fixed issue where Stalkers became very visible in fog Mines are now pingable for better coordination with your team.


I certainly as hell haven’t raised the Super Earth flag, but I did know that Helldivers 2 has a mission where you can. Understandably, this is not because patriotism is lacking; rather, it has always manifested itself at easier levels.

Along with numerous other weapon adjustments, enemy modifications, and balance fixes, that has now been fixed in the massive Patch 01.000. “A number of adjustments, fixes and improvements to aid your democratic endeavours” are included in today’s 300 release.

First off, after enjoying some time in the spotlight, burning damage has been nerfed by about 15%. With ratings over 100, heavier armour should be marginally more powerful and lessen headshot damage. Reporting “concussive injuries” resulting from a rocket colliding with your dome’s side is akin to insurrectionist rhetoric and ought to be directed to the closest democracy officer.

There are now more than 24 weaponry variations. These are just a few of the highlights for now; I’ll include a full list at the end of the article.

Since the LAS-99 Quasar Cannon recharges on the ground, one of my favorite tactics—putting another cannon on your mate and using it like a less-expendable anti-tank launcher on defense missions—may be doomed as a result of the weapon’s 5 second recharge time increase.

There have been damage boosts for the LAS-98 Laser Cannon, which was already a fan favorite when it came to fighting bots.

From six to three magazines, the LAS-16 Sickle now has fewer magazines. Even as a Sickle user, I think this is a reasonable way to nerf it—it simply means you have to be careful about letting it cool down. It doesn’t lessen the weapon’s effectiveness.

The RS-422 Railgun may be making a comeback because its armour penetration has been slightly enhanced in both Safe and Unsafe modes. Its stagger force is worse as a compromise.

It should no longer blow you up nearly as much to use the new RL-77 Airburst Rocket Launcher.

Hulks are more difficult to knock down, Bile Spewers move more slowly, and those bothersome Automaton factories shouldn’t be filling your skies with gunships that despise liberty as much. These are the enemies of democracy. The most significant change will be for solo players at higher difficulties: “Enemy patrols will now occur more frequently with smaller party sizes, though groups of four shouldn’t notice any differences.”. “.”.

In terms of overall gameplay enhancements, “raise the flag” missions will now appear on harder difficulty levels. I’m most comfortable playing Suicide Mission on difficulty seven, and I’ve already noticed a few flag missions appearing on Terminid planets. Additionally, Arrowhead has made “minor level generation improvements to how we distribute locations throughout the mission map,” which according to the company “should improve variation in distance between objectives and likely reduce the frequency with which they spawn.”. “.

Furthermore, bullets that bounce off heavily armored enemies “will now properly hit the Helldiver who fired them.”. As the most precise Helldiver in the universe (please don’t look at my mission stats), I’m confident that this will never happen to me. Please give it to me now.

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A plethora of bug fixes, including one that “permitted traitors to attempt to sabotage the extraction shuttle by deploying sentry stratagems below it,” have also been made available. Once more, there are too many to list here, but the one that excites me the most is the nerf to the nearby foliage. This is because the foliage has been a constant pain in my side, obstructing many of my Sickle and Quasar Cannon shots. I suppose on alien worlds, leaves are just constructed differently.

The complete list of patch notes is available for viewing below.

The Helldivers Patch 01.000. 300.


We have updated and modified the following sections for this patch:.

The equilibrium between enemies, weapons, and tactics shifts.

Modification to the mission of Spread Democracy.

Having equilibrium.

In general.

Headshot damage is now lessened by armor with an armor rating higher than 100.

Now, only the extracted will be able to play victory poses. (There is no stolen valor aboard my ship. ( ).

Weapons of Support, Secondary, and Primary Action.

Crossbow Exploding CB-9.

a little less explosive explosion.

Increased stagger.

The maximum number of mags has been reduced from 12 to 8.

eight magazines instead of six that were received from resupply.

slight decrease in ergonomics.

The muzzle velocity rose.

The LAS-99 Quasar Cannon.

five extra seconds were added to the recharge time.

BR-14 Compensator.

The fire mode by default is now full auto.

a smaller retraction.

raised the cap on mags from six to eight.

Resupply delivered eight magazines instead of the original six.

Currently positioned among assault rifles.

Cannon with laser.

Damage slightly increased.

Damage against large volume bodies is somewhat lessened.

SG-8P Plasma Punisher.

Maximum mags were reduced from 12 to 8.

Six instead of eight magazines were received from resupply.

greater projectile speed with a comparable range.

less damage dispersion following the explosion.

Currently classified as an energy weapon.

Blitzer ARC-12.

shot count per minute was raised from 30 to 45.

Currently classified as an energy weapon.

R-36 Volcano.

reduced from 12 to 6 maximum mags.

The explosion damage decreases a little quicker.

LAS-16 Sickle.

reduced from six to three magazines.


Damage increased to 350 from 300.

reduced the maximum number of mags to four from six.


increased armour penetration in the unprotected and protected modes.

Force of stagger somewhat decreased.

heavy machine gun MG-101.

Third-person crosshair is activated.

Sniper with diligence counterattack.

Damage rose from 128 to 140.

The ergonomics got better.

work ethic.

From 112 to 125, damage rose.

P-19 Savior.

marginally more recoil.

Maker of Peace.

Damage increased from sixty to seventy.


From 150 to 175 damage, increased.

When reloading on an empty cylinder, a speedloader is added, which significantly speeds up the process.


150 to 200 more damage was added.


Damage went from 55 to 60.

Liberator with concussion.

Damage went from fifty-five to sixty-five.


Damage dropped from 300 to 275.

Rover the watchdog dog.

30 percent reduction in damage.

Dog for protection.

Damage increased slightly.


15% less burn damage.


Machine Gun Sentry.

enhanced health in line with other Sentries.

Tower Tesla.

health improved by 33%.

Rocket launcher RL-77 Airburst.

When fired in the vicinity of other Helldivers and stratagems (such as the HMG turret, resupplies, and sensors), the Airburst Rocket Launcher will no longer explode.

diminished proximity range.


The following have had balancing adjustments made:.

Moving at a slightly slower pace are the Bile and Nursing Spewers.

Hulks: Slightly more force is needed to cause them to stumble.

Damage from Hulk Scorcher’s direct flamethrower is 20 percent less.

Only the standard devastator showed a slight increase in fire rate.

The gunships moved sideways a little bit more.

The Scout Strider Riders are now less susceptible to detonations.

Armor and health of Fog Generators were enhanced.

The maximum number of active gunships that spawners can have at any given time has been significantly reduced.

Patrols of the enemy.

adjusting patrol spawning in a balanced manner.

In situations with fewer than four players, patrol spawning has been boosted. The change increases with the number of players decreasing. There won’t be any changes to the previous 4 player missions. For lone players on harder difficulties, this will be the most noticeable change.


We’ve made some small adjustments to the way locations are distributed across the mission map for level generation. As a result, there should be more variation in the distance between objectives, and they probably won’t spawn as far apart as they did previously.

A new option to turn off automatic vaulting and climbing while sprinting has been added to the gameplay section of the options menu.

For optimal freedom spreading, players can now experience the Spread Democracy mission, also known as “raise the flag,” on harder difficulties.

Helldivers now salute in order to assure maximum democratic readiness while getting ready.

Tremor’s planetary hazard has been enhanced with ambience to highlight its seriousness and allow Helldivers to adjust their response.

Now, shots fired by a Helldiver will properly hit heavy armored enemies that ricochet. It is strongly advised to practice trigger discipline.


Fixes for crashes.

Fixed crash that could occur when host abandoned mission with squad.

A bug that could have happened if a player tried to get inside an EXO-45 Patriot Suit that was in use has been fixed.

Fixed a crash that might have happened to any player following or during the mission results screen.

A crash that might have happened after firing from the rocket launcher of the EXO-45 Patriot Suit has been fixed.

Resolved a crash that affected every player except the one who rejoined the mission in progress and received reinforcement and new armor.

Repaired Ship Module for Superior Packing Methodology not operating as intended.

Correctly adjusted the Blast Absorption ship module to boost sentries’ explosion resistance.

Fixed a bug that prevented players from accessing the Social Menu’s search results.

Several issues with items that weren’t genuinely equipped in a Warbond have been resolved.

patched an exploit that let gung-ho Helldivers use grenades way too often.

Fixed a bug where the order for the indirect fire exercise was not advanced by kills from the orbital barrage.

Fixed a bug that allowed traitors to attempt to use sentry stratagems beneath the extraction shuttle in an attempt to sabotage it.

Fixed a bug where ion storms mistookly hindered the deployment of the extraction beacon.

Several stratagem beams that were colored incorrectly have been fixed.

This fixed the problem where the Social menu could not be accessed using the left stick on a controller.

Resolved a few issues where, on ultrawide displays, different UI elements were missing, shifted, or positioned too near to the edge.

A fixed anti-materiel rifle that, once deployed, faces away from the Helldiver.

Fixed bug where player could duplicate rounds by canceling the reload of Anti-Materiel Rifle at a specific time.

Fixed a bug where, following a canceled reload, the Anti-Materiel Rifle would use up an additional magazine.

Fixed bug where Recoilless Rifle would consume an extra shell from the backpack if the reload was canceled just after a shell was i* inserted, but before the reload was completed.

The bug that prevented the Sickle and Quasar Cannon from firing through foliage has been fixed.

Fixed multiple instances where, when scrolling through Armory, weapon thumbnails would vanish.

Fixed a bug where the player was occasionally invisible to Automaton Gunships.

Corrected an incorrect collision that occurred after using hellbombs to destroy Automaton bunkers or detector towers.

Fixed a bug that prevented Hellbombs from deploying in some missions.

Several problems that caused Helldivers to drown when they landed in deep water have been fixed.

Fixed a bug where ammunition exceeded capacity due to Hellpod Space Optimization.

The problem where Stalkers were extremely noticeable in the fog was fixed.

Pinging mines will help you and your team work together more effectively.

The player now sees a pop-up when they receive friend requests.

improved readability of the onboarding and tutorial prompts and hints.

The career tab now shows the user’s total experience.

Fixed menu aspect ratio to 16:9 and added a setting to adjust HUD width, providing improved support for ultrawide monitors.

Numpad-bound keybindings won’t reset on restarts anymore.

Fixed erratic sound when using headphones to play on pc\. with the Dual Sense controller plugged in.

The gamer will no longer fall out of space when playing Rock, Paper, Scissors in front of the ship.

Hitchmarkers are now triggered while scoped in by the MG-206 Heavy Machine Gun and the APW-1 Anti-Material Rifle.

When the Ballistic Shield Backpack is equipped and a stim is used, the secondary weapon no longer stays in the Ballistic Shield ADS position.

You can now rebind “Open Text Chat”.

explosive weapons, like the CB-9 Exploding Crossbow and R-36 Eruptor. Players are not pulled inward from the blast by the GP-31 Grenade Pistol anymore.

There was UI overlap when the squad invites were disabled during the tutorial.

On the character model in the armory, fixed primary and secondary weapons overlap.

Fixed UI elements during first boot are cut off on a 21:9 aspect ratio monitor.

The squad menu now displays the report and block player.

Now that they have been killed, dead scavengers no longer cry out for aid while requesting more help.

When danger signals are issued, fixed anti-air cannons appear as “Stratagem Scramblers.”.

added reload stage for the Spear reload following the disposal of the spent missile.

Known Issues.

These are bugs that are either new to this patch and being worked on, or they are from an earlier version that hasn’t been resolved yet.

Effects that accumulate damage over time might only be applicable when administered by the host. In the upcoming patch, this should be resolved.

Certain players who join a game in progress might not be able to access reinforcement.

When faced with enemies, Helldiver might not be able to rise from their crouched position.

If the host ends the play session while dead and returns, the game might crash.

While on a mission, if the player modifies the text language, the game might crash.

Numerous problems with cross-play and friend invites:.

If the player making the friend request changed their username before it was approved, the request cannot be accepted.

It’s possible that cross-platform friend invites won’t appear in the Friend Requests tab.

Players cannot unfriend players befriended via friend code.

Users who were not previously on their Friends list are not able to be unblocked.

Payment of Medals and Super Credits to players may be delayed.

Bleeding out enemies do not advance Eradicate missions or Personal Orders.

The Anti-Materiel Rifle is one weapon whose scope is slightly out of alignment.

Arc weapons can misfire or behave inconsistently at times.

Spear’s erratic targeting makes it challenging to lock on to more powerful opponents.

Though it may adhere to an adversary, the stratagem beam will return to its initial position once deployed.

Aside from when you crash into a rock, explosions do not break limbs.

The region surrounding the Automaton Detector Tower causes blue stratagems, like the Hellbomb, to bounce and repel when approached in close proximity to the tower.

Once every Defend mission is completed, planet liberation reaches 100%.

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