The restraining order was granted against the son


Frankie Valli was officially granted a restraining order against his oldest son, Francesco, that will last three years.
The Four Seasons singer, 90, was granted the legal order of protection by a judge in Los Angeles last month.
The restraining order will expire on April 29, 2027, according to People magazine.
Four days after the restraining order was granted, Valli received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
His wife, Jackie Jacobs, and his twin sons, Emilio and Brando, were there to support him.
The restraining order reportedly says that Francesco cannot contact his father or his brother Emilio, 29.
Both Valli and Emilio filed temporary restraining orders against Francesco that were granted on April 10.
Emilio claimed that Francesco “repeatedly physically threatened to harm or kill” him and their father in the court docs.


Francesco, Frankie Valli’s eldest son, is the subject of a formal three-year restraining order.

A Los Angeles judge issued the order of protection for the 90-year-old singer of Four Seasons last month. People magazine reports that the restraining order will end on April 29, 2027.

Valli got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame four days after the restraining order was approved. He had the support of his twin sons, Emilio and Brando, as well as his wife, Jackie Jacobs.

The crowd was addressed by him, Francesco, 36, who was not present. “This is really a highlight of my life, especially having my sons here and my wife sitting right there,” he said.

Francesco has allegedly owed his brothers tens of thousands of dollars, threatened to kill his father, and spent time in jail following an arrest for drug possession, as The Post has previously reported.

Francesco supposedly isn’t allowed to talk to his father or his 29-year-old brother Emilio because of the restraining order. Additionally, he has to keep a minimum of 100 yards between their residences and places of employment.

On April 10, temporary restraining orders against Francesco were approved by Valli and Emilio. According to Emilio, in the court documents, Francesco “repeatedly physically threatened to harm or kill” him and their father.

Additionally, Emilio claimed that Francesco was financially dependent on Valli and was “addicted to opiates.”. But Emilio claims that their father will only keep providing financial support to Francesco if he enrolls in a residential drug treatment center.

The singer’s representative stated to The Post last month: “Frankie is saddened by these unfortunate events and appreciates that his privacy will be respected as he works through these family issues.”. “.

The Post was also informed by a family-close source that the famous performer finds the drama with Francesco to be “heartbreaking.”.

The insider said, “Every family in the country experiences triumphs, failures, and joys; Frankie Valli is an icon, so the magnitude of all of this is that much greater.” Families experience good times and bad times.

Valli and his third wife, Randy Clohessy, are the parents of Francesco. His acting career has included cameos in films such as “The House Bunny” and “Reach Me.”. “.

Frankie has four marriages under his belt. Along with becoming a father to three daughters, Celia, Antonia, and Francine, he also has three sons with Clohessy from his previous marriage to Mary Mandel.

Celia passed away in an accident in February 1980. Six months later, at the age of 20, Francine passed away from an unintentional drug overdose.

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