The release date for the third album is announced by Eilish

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Billie Eilish has announced her third full-length album, a record that’s already stirred up some controversy due to its title Hit Me Hard And Soft.
The multiple Grammy and Oscar winner wrote on Instagram today that the album comes out May 17.
“So crazy to be writing this right now,” Eilish writes.
love you love you love you.” The album, as typical with the singer-songwriter, was written by herself and brother and musical collaborator Finneas, who also produced the album.
A press release following her post explained the title.
“The album does exactly as the title suggests: hits you hard and soft both lyrically and sonically while bending genres and defying trends along the way.” The new music “journeys through a vast and expansive audio landscape, immersing listeners into a full spectrum of emotions.
It’s what the multiple Grammy and Academy Award winner does best, continuing to affirm Billie Eilish as the most exciting songwriter of her time.” The album will be available on all digital platforms, and physical formats will utilize recyclable materials.
See Eilish’s Instagram post below.


With the title “Hit Me Hard And Soft,” Billie Eilish’s third full-length album has already caused some controversy.

The album is set to release on May 17th, the multiple Grammy and Oscar winner announced today on Instagram.

Writer Eilish comments, “So crazy to be writing this right now.”. “I’m excited and nervous at the same time 🫣 not doing singles, I want to give it to you all at once: PPP finneas. I’m really proud of this album, and we can’t wait for you to hear it.”. Love you, love you, love you. “.

Like most of her work, the singer-songwriter wrote the album with the help of her brother and musical partner Finneas, who also produced it.

Her post was followed by a press release that clarified the title. As implied by the title, the album defies trends and bends genres while hitting you with a mix of soft and hard lyrics and sounds. The latest music transports listeners to a wide range of emotions as it navigates a massive and expansive aural landscape. Reaffirming her status as the most exciting songwriter of her generation, it’s what the multiple Grammy and Academy Award winner does best. “.

The album will be made available in both digital and physical formats, with the latter using recyclable materials.

View Eilish’s post on Instagram below.

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