In Coup For New Chief David Greenbaum, 20th Century Lands,Deliver Me From Nowhere, and Jeremy Allen White plays Bruce Springsteen for Scott Cooper

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Greenbaum and co-president Matthew Greenfield’s run at Searchlight included the Oscar-bait films Poor Things, The Banshees of Inisherin and The Shape of Water.
This leaves White all summer to get into that Asbury Park mindset with Cooper.
Scott Stuber, in his first move since exiting as longtime Netflix Film head, is producing with Gotham Group’s Ellen Goldsmith-Vein & Eric Robinson.
Nebraska started to take shape as Springsteen and the E Street Band were laying down tracks for his massive hit album Born in the USA.
He was trying to process those feelings in 1982 and poured a lot of that darkness into Nebraska.
Springsteen and Landau are actively involved in the film project, which we’ve heard the film will have music from The River, Nebraska and Born in the USA.
Greenbaum was co-head of Searchlight when Cooper made Antlers there and he was atop Searchlight when Cooper transitioned from from actor to writer-director.
CAA reps Cooper and Springsteen; WME and Entertainment 360 rep White.


Exclusive: David Greenbaum, the former co-head of Searchlight, has made his first major statement purchase, set to the soundtrack of Bruce Springsteen’s landmark album Nebraska, indicating a shift in the direction he will take at the helm of Disney live action and 20th Century Studios.

Deliver Me from Nowhere, a narrative film that Scott Cooper is writing and directing, has a deal in place with 20th Century to finance and release it. Emmy-winning The Bear star Jeremy Allen White will play The Boss at a critical juncture in the character’s life. Battling inner demons and attempting to accept his status as a worldwide celebrity, Springsteen composed and produced Nebraska, an album released in 1982 that is comparable to Joni Mitchell’s Blue in terms of emotional honesty, darkness, and rawness.

It was anticipated that A24 would serve as the distributor when Deadline disclosed that the project was taking shape. However, Greenbaum and 20th head Steve Asbell are as big fans of Springsteen as anyone at that hip rival distributor; in fact, they were among a group of the film’s architects at last night’s concert at the Forum in Los Angeles. In order to secure the film, Greenbaum had to go above and beyond. It will film in the fall and be released in theaters worldwide prior to going through Disney’s extremely strict approval process.

There were two distributors bidding against each other, and it was a wild weekend, we’ve been told. During his tenure at Searchlight, Greenbaum and co-president Matthew Greenfield produced three Oscar-worthy movies: The Shape of Water, The Banshees of Inisherin, and Poor Things. Many thought that Disney’s live-action division spent too much time and too much of its resources mining beloved animated films and theme park attractions for live-action adaptions. This probably signals a shift in that approach to making original movies.

In June, White wraps up filming Season 4 of The Bear. His portrayal of the exhausted Michelin-starred chef Carmy, who returns to try and revive the Chicago sandwich shop his late brother left him, has earned him his first Emmy nomination. This gives White the entire summer to adopt Cooper’s Asbury Park mindset.

In his first move as the longtime head of Netflix Film, Scott Stuber is producing alongside Eric Robinson and Ellen Goldsmith-Vein of Gotham Group.

It all began when Robinson heard Jon Landau, Springsteen’s longtime manager, praise Warren Zanes’ book on a Marc Maron podcast. Robinson was introduced to the book by his late brother, who introduced him to Springsteen’s music and that album. He and Goldsmith-Vein then plugged Cooper in, who met with Springsteen and Landau after adapting the book on spec.

While Springsteen was recording songs for his hugely successful album Born in the USA with the E Street Band, Nebraska began to take shape.

Springsteen has been a guiding light for many men and women who have been through a lot in life and have had trouble processing their upbringing due to challenging upbringing and depression. The Boss has experienced his share of difficult times; during his early performances, he shared very personal tales of his own upbringing and hardships. His upbringing with a depressed father has influenced his work as a leading singer, lyricist, and melody maker of his time. Springsteen has struggled with depression himself. In 1982, he poured a lot of that darkness into Nebraska while attempting to make sense of those feelings. Springsteen was recording “Born in the U.S.A.” at the time. s. An. along with the E Street Band, and didn’t truly plan to record the songs for “Nebraska” as an album for general release. He accomplished this by himself in a bedroom of a Colts Neck, New Jersey rental home, using a basic four-track recorder.

Springsteen’s song “Nebraska” directly addressed the subject matter, indicating his current state of mind. The Terrence Malick serial killer film Badlands was a major influence. Some tracks, such as “Atlantic City,” “Highway Patrolman,” and “State Trooper,” deal with unfortunate characters having to make important decisions in life. Every one of the nine tracks is regarded as a timeless masterpiece and a statement in itself. The albums Born to Run, Darkness on the Edge of Town, and The River saw significant success before this. After The River, there was Nebraska, and then Born in the USA. Though the title song of that album told the story of a dejected Vietnam veteran who had lost his brother in battle and felt abandoned by the US government while he struggled with PTSD and unemployment, Springsteen’s efforts to raise awareness of the challenges faced by soldiers who return from the horrors of war ill-prepared to reintegrate into society were clouded for a long time, especially by politicians like Ronald Reagan who attempted to co-opt it as a gung-ho pro-American statement.

Landau and Springsteen are actively working on the movie, and from what we’ve heard, it will feature songs from Born in the USA, The River, and Nebraska. In 1994, The Boss won the Oscar for Best Original Song for “Streets of Philadelphia.” He has long been involved in writing or contributing songs for films that resonate with him. Although Springsteen has previously directed a few films based on his own albums, including one with Thom Zimny, this is new territory for him.

It is the history of Cooper and Greenbaum. When Cooper made Antlers there, Greenbaum was co-head of Searchlight, and he was at the top of Searchlight when Cooper changed from being an actor to a writer-director. That was for the musical Crazy Heart from 2009, which nominated Maggie Gyllenhaal and won Oscars for T Bone Burnett and Ryan Bingham’s original song “The Weary Kind” in addition to star Jeff Bridges.

Cooper and Springsteen are represented by CAA; White is represented by WME and Entertainment 360. Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Eric Robinson of the Gotham Group are represented by George Davis, an attorney, and CAA.

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