The perfect real-life location made the Wasteland possible

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Prime Video’s live-action TV adaptation of Fallout is visually stunning – and those wild desert sets are real.
Rather than throw some sand under a green screen, The Wasteland was shot in Namibia on the Skeleton Coast.
This particular part of the desert is home to Kolmanskop, a ghost town filled with the ruins of once beautiful houses – much like the one Lucy walks into in episode two.
The Namib Desert’s dry climate keep not only the ruins of these houses, but their decorations and furniture intact.
It felt like I got to reinvest in my scene partners and really dig deep into the story.”
The Wasteland is the name given to what’s left of Earth post-nuclear disaster, with season 1 taking place in a ruined Los Angeles known as New California.
We may very well see the Mojave Wasteland should season 2 adapt a certain fan-favorite game as its central location…
Fallout season 1 is now streaming on Prime Video.


Fallout’s live-action TV series on Prime Video has amazing visuals, and the desolate desert locations are authentic.

The Wasteland was filmed on the Skeleton Coast of Namibia, not beneath a green screen. Kolmanskop is a ghost town in this particular region of the desert that is full of the remains of once-beautiful homes, just like the one Lucy enters in episode two. The arid climate of the Namib Desert preserves not only the remnants of these homes, but also their furnishings and ornaments. A private ghost tour company converted the abandoned mining town, which was situated in the “forbidden zone” of the desert, into a tourist destination in 2002. The town was abandoned completely by 1956.

In actuality, we were taken to a lonely location. Namibian sands became our set. Star Aaron Moten talks to GamesRadar+ about “that first feeling—I remember walking out and doing the scene.”. Much of the labor that actors occasionally have to perform was removed by it. It goes without saying that I think where we are. It seemed as though I was able to delve much deeper into the narrative and reinvest in my scene partners. “.

First season set in a devastated Los Angeles known as New California, The Wasteland is the moniker given to what’s left of Earth after a nuclear war. If a particular game becomes the focal point of season 2, we might very well see the Mojave Wasteland.

Amazon Video is currently offering Fallout season 1 for streaming. See the remaining coverage on: for additional information.

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