Video shows protesters trying to break into a factory

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Around 800 protesters clashed with police Friday in Germany while trying to break into a Tesla factory in a wooded area.
The protest was part of an effort to stop the planned expansion of the factory in Grueneheide, near Berlin, which they say could cause environmental issues, organizing group Disrupt Tesla said in a statement on its website.
“Here, activists are highlighting the Tesla Group as being responsible for groundwater temptation, theft of resources and the endangerment of people globally,” Disrupt Tesla spokesperson Ole Becker said in the statement.
Video shows dozens of demonstrators wearing blue hats and face-covering masks in an attempt to storm the Tesla premises as policemen use force to stop them.
Several arrests made, few injuries reported Police said all attempts to enter the factory were prevented and several people were taken into custody, according to Reuters.
Becker said the group also plans to highlight environmental destruction caused by lithium mining in other countries such as Argentina and Bolivia, Reuters reported.
That means we will also intervene when necessary,” Brandenburg police spokesperson Mario Heinemann told Reuters.
USA TODAY has reached out to Tesla for comment on the incident.


While attempting to break into a Tesla factory located in a wooded area on Friday in Germany, about 800 protestors engaged in combat with police.

According to a statement on the organizing group Disrupt Tesla’s website, the protest was a part of an attempt to halt the factory’s planned expansion in Grueneheide, close to Berlin, which they claim could result in environmental problems.

In the statement, Disrupt Tesla spokesperson Ole Becker said, “Activists are highlighting the Tesla Group as being responsible for groundwater temptation, theft of resources, and the endangerment of people globally.”.

Numerous protesters wearing blue hats and masks that cover their faces are seen on camera attempting to storm the Tesla property while police use force to dissuade them. At the scene, medical personnel can be seen tending to the injured.

On his social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to a post speculating that the protestors were planning a plot under the Antifa banner, asking, “Why do the police let the left-wing protestors off so easily?”.

Little injuries were reported despite multiple arrests.

Several people were placed under arrest by police, who claimed to have stopped all attempts to enter the factory, as reported by Reuters.

Additionally, according to Becker, the group intends to draw attention to the environmental harm that lithium mining causes in other nations, like Bolivia and Argentina, as reported by Reuters. Batteries for electric vehicles are frequently powered by this metal.

In addition to defending the right to assemble, we are in charge of maintaining public safety and order. That implies that if needed, we will also step in, Mario Heinemann, a spokesman for the Brandenburg police, told Reuters.

Tesla has been contacted by USA TODAY for comment regarding the incident.

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