Trump will end the war in Ukraine by not giving a penny, says Orban



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Should former US President Donald Trump win reelection in November, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has stated that he would effectively put an end to the war in Ukraine by cutting off funding to Kyiv.

“He (Trump) has a very clear vision,” Orbán stated on Sunday during an interview with M1 broadcast in Hungary. The first thing he states is that he will not contribute even a penny to the Russo-Ukrainian War. Since Ukraine is clearly unable to stand on its own two feet, the war will end for that reason. “.

Orbán made his remarks after Trump hosted the powerful Hungarian at Mar-a-Lago on Friday. According to sources familiar with the situation, the former president and a few close advisors met with Orbán at the Florida resort on Friday night for about an hour. One of the sources characterised the meeting as a “social meeting” without any formal agenda. It was described as “friendly” by another source. “.

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine two years ago, Orbán has consistently opposed efforts by the European Union and NATO to provide assistance to that country. Although it recently approved Sweden’s NATO membership and approved a 50 billion euro aid package for Kyiv after holding out for months, Hungary has continuously stalled negotiations for Western aid.

“The war will end if the Americans and the Europeans don’t contribute money and weapons.”. Furthermore, the Europeans won’t be able to finance this war on their own if the Americans don’t contribute financial support. Afterwards, the war will terminate, Orbán declared.

The Trump team has been contacted by CNN for a response.

One of the few remaining European allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Orbán presents his stance as “pro-peace,” even though it would essentially reward Moscow for waging war against a weaker neighbor and give it the right to demand peace on its own terms.

2019 photo: Former US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban at the White House. Brendan Smialowski via AFP and Getty Images.

Akin to this isolationist stance, Trump last week virtually secured the Republican presidential nomination. He is now running to retake the White House in November. If elected, he has pledged to put an end to the conflict in Ukraine within 24 hours, but this can only occur on Putin’s terms and in exchange for him rewarding his unlawful invasion.

Despite the fact that critics claim Orbán has undermined the nation’s democratic institutions since taking office again in 2010, Orbán and Trump, both far-right populists characterized by demagogic and anti-immigrant rhetoric, have long expressed admiration for one another.

Worries have been raised by Trump’s profuse praise for Orban that he is strengthening his backing for autocrats at a time when Western democracies are finding it difficult to remain united in their support for Ukraine.

“He prefers to work with other powerful individuals, and in Turkey, powerful individuals such as Erdogan have the authority to imprison individuals without seeking consent from others.”. Former Trump national security advisor John Bolton told CNN’s Jim Sciutto, “He kind of likes that.”.

Trump has continuously showered Putin with praise, according to his former advisers. A number of these advisers think that should Trump win a second term, America’s identity and global role would fundamentally change, possibly leading to the US withdrawing from NATO and reducing its commitment to other defense alliances.

“There would be serious danger to NATO,” stated Bolton.

Jim Sciutto, Andrew Millman, and Kristen Holmes of CNN contributed to this story.

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