Trump stops at a restaurant on his way to raise money

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ATLANTA — Former President Donald Trump stopped in an Atlanta Chick-fil-A restaurant on his way to a fundraiser on Wednesday.
Trump landed in Atlanta shortly before noon and then, later, traveled to the Chick-fil-A in Atlanta’s Vine City neighborhood at 875 Martin Luther King Jr Dr.
The former president and 2024 Republican nominee spoke to employees and customers at the restaurant, took pictures with guests and autographed a hat.
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Trump is in Atlanta this week as he filed to appeal Judge Scott McAfee’s rejection of his attempt to dismiss the 2020 election RICO case on First Amendment grounds.
The Atlanta fundraising luncheon comes on the heels of a reportedly $50 million dollar fundraiser Trump had in Florida and just two weeks after President Joe Biden reportedly brought in $25 million.
(editor’s note: An original version of this article noted that Trump said the owner of the store was a member of one of his golf clubs; Chick-fil-A contacted 11Alive to say the owner does not know Trump.
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ATLANTA — On his way to a fundraiser on Wednesday, former president Donald Trump made a stop at an Atlanta Chick-fil-A.

Trump arrived in Atlanta just before noon and proceeded to visit the Chick-fil-A located at 875 Martin Luther King Jr Dr. in the Vine City neighborhood of Atlanta.

Speaking with both staff and patrons at the eatery, the former president and Republican nominee for president in 2024 also signed hats, posed for photos, and signed guest books. He gave the diners at the restaurant the thirty milkshakes he had ordered.

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On Wednesday, Trump is scheduled to go to a fundraising luncheon in Atlanta, which is being hosted by former senators. An event flyer that 11Alive was able to obtain names David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. Let. Gov. Additionally, Burt Jones announced on X that he would be hosting.

In an attempt to appeal Judge Scott McAfee’s denial of his motion to dismiss the 2020 election RICO lawsuit on First Amendment grounds, Trump is in Atlanta this week. In response, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis asked the Georgia Court of Appeals to dismiss the appeal.

The fundraising luncheon in Atlanta takes place just two weeks after President Joe Biden allegedly raised $25 million, and it follows a purported $50 million fundraiser Trump held in Florida.

In crucial states like Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, the Biden and Trump campaigns are probably investing a significant amount of money on each vote, according to Republican political analyst Brian Robinson of Robinson Republic Communications. He stated that both parties rely on their devoted support base of voters during most election cycles. He added, though, that most campaigns will focus their financial resources there because the 2024 presidential election may depend on a single, sporadic voter.

He predicted “massive operations on both sides aimed at that individual, either to make sure they cast a ballot or to try and talk them out of it if you think they’re going to vote for the other guy.”.

(Editor’s note: This article was originally published with Trump claiming that the store’s owner was a member of one of his golf clubs. Chick-fil-A contacted 11Alive to clarify that the owner is not acquainted with Trump. It’s unclear to whom Trump might have been making reference. ).

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