Trump lost a bid to delay the trial

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A New York appeals judge on Tuesday knocked down yet another long-shot bid by Donald Trump to delay his criminal hush money trial, this time by seeking a pause while he challenges his court-imposed gag order.
The swift rejection marked Trump’s second failed attempt in less than 24 hours to postpone the Manhattan Supreme Court trial, which is set to begin jury selection in six days.
The gag order bars Trump from speaking about likely witnesses in the case, and from making certain statements about other related figures including lawyers, court staff and their respective family members.
Presiding Judge Juan Merchan last week expanded the gag order to stop Trump from targeting the family members of the judge and the D.A.
Steven Wu, who spoke for the D.A., urged Kern to reject Trump’s bid for a delay.
Wu argued that the gag order is narrow and that it is not meant to prevent political speech but to protect against Trump’s personal attacks on people involved in the case.
On Monday, another appellate judge denied a request by Trump to pause the trial while he seeks to move the case out of Manhattan Supreme Court.
Bragg, in a fiery court filing Monday, blasted that request as a bid to “end-run” Merchan’s gag order, which was expanded after Trump repeatedly targeted the judge’s daughter on social media.


On Tuesday, a judge of the New York appeals court dismissed yet another improbable attempt by Donald Trump to postpone his criminal hush money trial; this time, the request was for a temporary stay while he contested the court-imposed gag order.

With jury selection scheduled to start in six days, Trump’s attempt to delay the Manhattan Supreme Court trial for the second time in less than twenty-four hours was swiftly rejected.

Following an hour-long hearing in which attorneys representing Trump and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg sparred over speech restrictions, Appellate Judge Cynthia Kern issued her decision on Tuesday afternoon, according to NBC News.

Trump is prohibited by the gag order from discussing potential witnesses in the case and from making specific remarks about other relevant parties, such as attorneys, court employees, and their families. The gag order was strengthened last week by Presiding Judge Juan Merchan to prevent Trump from slandering the judge’s and the D.C. An.

The presumed Republican presidential nominee, Trump, is being unfairly prevented from discussing witnesses like porn star Stormy Daniels and Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, according to defense attorney Emil Bove during Tuesday’s hearing.

Bove informed the judge that Trump is unable to respond to those witnesses’ open attacks on him, as reported by NBC. He also maintained that Trump ought to have the opportunity to express worries about Bragg’s prosecutor, Matthew Colangelo, a former Department of Justice employee.

The D.A representative was Steven Wu. encouraged Kern to turn down Trump’s request for a postponement. Wu maintained that the gag order is specific and that its goal is to shield the parties involved in the case from Trump’s personal attacks rather than to restrict political speech.

Trump requested a one-sentence ruling be delayed, but Kern denied his request. A five-member panel of appeals court judges will now hear the motion on Monday, the day the hush money trial begins.

In order to hide a payment made to Daniels just prior to the 2016 presidential election, in which he defeated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, Trump is accused of fabricating business records. Accusations against Trump are not true.

Monday saw the denial of Trump’s request to put the trial on hold while he attempts to transfer the case from the Manhattan Supreme Court by another appellate judge.

An eleventh-hour appeal submitted on Monday to the New York appellate court was the reason for both that request and the one that was denied on Tuesday. The appeal makes use of a legal process called Article 78, which enables someone to contest decisions made by public servants or specific actions taken by judges.

Additionally, Merchan’s work for a Democratic political consultant is allegedly inappropriate, and Trump’s lawyers are attempting a second time to have Merchan recuse himself from the trial.

In a scathing court filing on Monday, Bragg attacked that request, claiming it was an attempt to “end-run” Merchan’s gag order, which was extended after Trump started making repeated threats against the judge’s daughter on social media.

A comparable request for Merchan to step down was turned down last year.

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