Trump is no longer on the billionaires index

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Trump Media shares have been slipping in recent days.
Trump is no longer listed on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, a daily ranking of the world’s 500 richest people, after the stock price for Trump Media – the parent company behind the former president’s social media company Truth Social – took a nosedive.
How much is Donald Trump worth?
Trump Media’s stock has been volatile since its launch, which means the former president’s net worth has also seen some major swings in recent weeks.
Trump cannot offload his shares until September without approval from the Trump Media board.
Forbes listed Trump’s net worth at $4.8 billion on Tuesday afternoon, making him the 653rd richest person in the world.
How much is Trump Media worth?
Experts have said the company is overvalued compared with other social media platforms, thanks in part to investments by Trump supporters.


In recent days, shares of Trump Media have decreased. Donald Trump’s wealth has also increased.

The stock price of Trump Media, the parent company of the former president’s social media company Truth Social, plummeted, and as a result, Trump is no longer included on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, a daily ranking of the 500 richest people in the world.

The stock fell 8% on Monday and 12% on Friday. Following a 4 point 8 percent decline on Tuesday, the stock recovered to close at $37 point 47, up 0.8 percent on the day but down over 50% from its peak in late March.

After Trump Media merged with the publicly traded shell company Digital World Acquisition Corp. on Tuesday, the stock experienced its first decline below $35.50. They on March 26 began trading under the ticker DJT.

The company’s market value, which was estimated to be close to $8 billion following its stock market debut, has been completely destroyed by the price decline over the past two weeks.

What’s the net worth of Donald Trump?

The former president’s net worth has experienced significant fluctuations in recent weeks due to the volatility of Trump Media’s stock since its inception.

After the business went public, Trump, who holds 78,75 million shares, or roughly 60% of Trump Media, saw his stake increase in value to $6 billion, landing him a spot on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

DJT shares experience volatility: Trump’s rapidly expanding Truth Social is likely to see more volatility.

On paper, at least, his stake was valued closer to $3 billion as of Tuesday. Without the Trump Media board’s approval, Trump is unable to sell his shares until September.

Trump is now the 653rd richest person in the world according to Forbes, which listed his net worth at $4.8 billion on Tuesday afternoon. As of Tuesday, the lowest net worth considered for inclusion in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, which gauges individual wealth based on shifts in the market, the economy, and Bloomberg reporting, was $5.81 billion.

What is the net worth of Trump Media?

Even though the company’s value has decreased recently, $5 billion is still a hefty price for a business that in 2023 lost over $58 million on $4 million in revenue.

Due in part to investments made by Trump supporters, experts have stated that the company is overvalued when compared to other social media platforms. An auditing firm issued a warning about Trump Media’s operating losses, stating that they “raise substantial doubt about its ability to continue as a going concern,” just before the company went public. “.

Last week, Trump defended the business on Truth Social, saying that it is “growing fast” and “very solid.”. “.”.

One post states, in part, “If it didn’t work, or properly get the word out, I wouldn’t use it-But it works, and work really well-And the fun is just getting started!!!”.

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