Trump attacks Biden at a New Jersey rally

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Trump said Saturday that he is going harder at Biden because he blames the president, without evidence, for his indictments.
He’s a bad guy, should’ve never done that because it’s so bad for our country,” Trump said in blaming his criminal cases on Biden.
New Jersey is a deep blue state that hasn’t voted for a Republican for president since 1988, raising questions about the wisdom of a Trump rally in the area.
Trump claimed the state is in play, though it’s widely expected to favor Biden again this year.
It also is close to Philadelphia, a crucial source of votes in swing state Pennsylvania.
Wearing a Philadelphia Eagles jacket, the postal worker said he voted for Trump the last two elections and plans to again.
Attendees cheered as Trump’s plane – dubbed “Trump Force One” – flew over two hours before the rally began.
Burgum is on Trump’s short list of potential running mates, and the former president teased a potential Trump/Burgum ticket.


Natural Wood, N. J. −Furried by his criminal indictments, former President Donald Trump shouted at a campaign rally on Saturday, “the gloves are off,” vowing to fight President Joe Biden in a harsh election in which the focus would be on eliminating America’s “enemies from within.”. “.

Even though Trump was frequently playful during his nearly ninety-minute speech to an enthusiastic crowd of tens of thousands in Wildwood, New Jersey, it was another indication that the election is headed in the wrong direction.

Claiming to be winning New Jersey by 16 points over Biden in 2020, Trump boasted about drawing larger crowds than the state’s favorite son, Bruce Springsteen. He also made light of inflation by joking about eating a hot dog.

The large-scale, exuberant rally was a show of strength in a blue state, especially considering that Trump is going on trial in New York City in a matter of hours over for allegedly paying an adult film actress hush money.

The popular Jersey Shore town’s beach was crowded with Trump supporters from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York, who came to enjoy a stretch of sand bordered by a boardwalk with shops and carnival games on one side and an oceanfront promenade with amusement rides on the other.

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Trump gave his speech in front of a huge roller coaster, water slide, and Ferris wheel. The former president infused the festival atmosphere with his blend of ever-more-apocalyptic rhetoric.

He bemoaned the “plunder, rape, slaughter, and destruction of” American communities, declaring, “Our country’s in trouble, it’s in big trouble.”. “.

With comments like “vermin” for his opponents and “poisoning the blood of the country” for immigrants, Trump’s 2024 campaign has drawn criticism for some of the harsh language it uses, echoing that of authoritarian leaders. “.

The “enemies from within” pose a greater threat to the United States than external forces, he stated on Saturday. “.

He remarked, “We have enemies from within and enemies on the outside.”. “I am more vulnerable to internal adversaries than external ones.”. China and Russia are situations we can handle, but we need to put an end to these crazy people in our government who will destroy our nation and most likely already wish to. “.

Trump claimed that Biden is “surrounded by fascists,” coining a phrase that the outgoing president’s detractors have used to characterize him since he attempted to rig the 2020 election and after a mob of his followers seized the U.S. S. Capitol day is January. 6, 2021 in an effort to prevent the election from receiving official certification.

Two criminal indictments emerged from Trump’s attempts to rig the previous presidential election. In addition, he is accused of mishandling secret documents.

Trump stated on Saturday that he is taking Biden more personally because the vice president accuses the former without providing proof for his indictments.

“Since the gloves are off now, I talk about him differently. Trump blamed Biden for his criminal cases, saying, “He’s a bad guy, should’ve never done that because it’s so bad for our country.”.

There are concerns about the wisdom of holding a Trump rally in New Jersey because the state leans heavily blue and hasn’t chosen a Republican to win the presidency since 1988. The state is in play, according to Trump, even though it’s generally anticipated that Biden will win this time around.

Nestled near the former president’s Bedminster estate and the New York City trial site for Trump is the Republican-heavy enclave of Wildwood, New Jersey.

Additionally, it is near Philadelphia, a significant voting source in Pennsylvania, a swing state. The rally attracted people from the city and the surrounding suburbs, as well as coverage in the Philadelphia media market.

Throughout his speech, Trump brought up Pennsylvania several times.

Whose from Pennsylvania, he inquired. “I attended Pennsylvanian schools. “.

To get to the rally, John Llewellyn, 57, drove from the Philadelphia region with his wife and daughter. Voting for Trump in the last two elections, the postal worker—who was sporting a Philadelphia Eagles jacket—said he intends to do so again.

Being a Trump supporter entails being “part of a movement.”. According to Llewellyn, it’s a member of a family.

Trump operated casinos in Atlantic City, which is part of the southern Jersey Shore. Llewellyn described the area as “kind of like his home turf.”. “.

Claiming that the 2020 election was stolen, Llewellyn attacked Trump’s criminal cases, calling them “trumped up charges… just to throw him off his game.”.

In order to “support America, first and foremost, and support probably the best president we’ve had in several decades,” home builder Mark Bass, 64, also traveled from the Philadelphia region for the demonstration. “.

According to Bass, “he’ll gain more popularity and more votes” if Trump is imprisoned. “.

A lot of people who attended the rally wore shirts that said “Never Surrender” along with a mug shot of Trump from his Georgia indictment. Some wore t-shirts endorsing the people detained for rioting inside the Capitol.

Two hours before the rally started, supporters erupted in cheers as Trump’s aircraft, known as “Trump Force One,” took to the air.

Drones carrying banners crisscrossed the sky, including one praising and one mocking Trump.

A few said, “SCOTUS justice can’t wait,” and another said, “Jack Ciat said don’t vote Trump he’s embarrassing,” which was presumably a reference to Jack Ciattarelli, the Republican candidate for governor of New Jersey who opposed Trump in his bid for office in 2020 but later supported him.

A different banner that was flying behind an aircraft said, “God bless D Trump.”. “.

North Dakota Governor. Warming up the audience was Doug Burgum. Trump has shortlisted Burgum as a possible running mate, and the former president hinted at a Trump/Burgum ticket.

“This gentleman has the most knowledge of anyone you will find, so be ready for something, okay? Simply get ready, Trump said.

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