Trump and Johnson have an alliance

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The price for Republicans seeking the ex-president’s support has long been a willingness to promote his fictional stolen election conceit.
The stolen election falsehood that dominates the GOP Johnson’s willingness to lend the authority of his office to Trump’s “election integrity” campaign shows how Trump’s stolen election conspiracy theory has consumed almost every pillar of power in the GOP.
Trump and Johnson are also expected to relitigate the 2020 election during Friday’s press conference, a Trump adviser told CNN.
After the 2020 election, Johnson, then a Republican back bencher, emailed every House Republican seeking signatures for an amicus brief in a Texas lawsuit seeking to invalidate electoral college votes from Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
“IT’S SO THEY CAN VOTE, VOTE, VOTE,” Trump said on his Truth Social network in December.
Two days after the election, Trump declared, “If you count the legal votes, I easily win.
“We just bought President Trump an at bat,” Gaetz told CNN.
“I support President Trump, I’m one of his biggest fighters here in Congress.


Speaking alongside Donald Trump on Friday, House Speaker Mike Johnson will spread the former president’s most damaging lie, which is that massive fraud has corrupted America’s democratic elections.

The nation’s most powerful elected Republican, who is attempting to keep his job in the face of threats from members of his own party in Congress who support Trump, is scheduled to visit Trump at his Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago, to meet with the real power in the GOP. The visit occurs at a time when the allies of the former president are undermining his power and even posing a threat to his resignation.

It also occurs three days prior to the start of jury selection in a New York case involving the payment of hush money to an adult film star, making Trump—the presumed GOP presidential nominee—the first former president to go on trial. Additionally, the legal drama surrounding Trump’s impending trial in Florida for his possession of classified documents will take a new turn on Friday. Two of Trump’s co-accused will attempt to have the case dismissed before November’s election, but Judge Aileen Cannon, whom Trump appointed, is handling the pre-trial proceedings with such slowness that it is becoming less likely that the case will be decided before then.

“Election integrity” is the designated subject of Johnson and Trump’s joint public statement on Friday. This term serves as a catch-all for the mélange of falsehoods and conspiracy theories regarding the 2020 election that Trump is currently utilizing as the cornerstone of his 2024 bid for a second term. Republicans hoping to win over the former president have always had to pay a price for their willingness to advance his fictitious notion of a stolen election. Thus, Johnson’s visit to Trump’s home might indicate that, should the former president forbid his removal from office, he is prepared to provide a comparable down payment.

As CNN’s Kristen Holmes and Fredreka Schouten reported on Thursday, the two GOP leaders are anticipated to highlight what they claim are state proposals and lawsuits that would grant non-citizens the right to vote. In certain local or jurisdictional elections, such as those for school board seats, non-citizens are permitted to cast ballots. However, non-citizens are prohibited by federal law from voting in federal elections; those who do so run the risk of fines, jail time, and deportation. Many voting rights organizations believe that there isn’t a widespread issue that needs to be addressed in light of these penalties. Following a statewide audit, the nearly 8 million-voter state of Georgia discovered that 1,634 potential non-citizens attempted to register to vote between 1997 and early 2022, but none of them were successful.

But many people who are not aware of the nuances of the issue are likely to miss the distinction given Trump’s persistent attempts to blur the lines and to falsely claim that undocumented migrants vote in US elections in large numbers as part of a Democratic plot.

The GOP’s prevailing falsehood of a stolen election.

Johnson’s readiness to lend the weight of his position to Trump’s “election integrity” campaign demonstrates how nearly every major GOP figure has been engulfed by Trump’s conspiracy theory of a stolen election.

After taking over and installing loyalists after emerging as the presumed Republican nominee for president, the Republican National Committee has increased the volume of its fundraising and campaigning on the false grounds that the 2020 election was rigged.

According to CNN’s KFile, the RNC called voters on prerecorded messages claiming that Democrats had engaged in “fraud” in the 2020 election on behalf of Lara Trump, the former president’s daughter-in-law, who was appointed as the new co-chair. It said that if “Democrats get their way, your vote could be voided by someone who isn’t even an American citizen.”. Several Republican-led state legislatures were also prompted by Trump’s election-related lies to enact election security-related legislation that could make voting more difficult and facilitate election meddling by political figures. There was not a lot of voter fraud in 2020, as evidenced by Trump’s numerous unsuccessful lawsuits and even by his own Attorney General William Barr. However, Trump is still stuck in his delusional world.

According to a Trump adviser who spoke with CNN on Friday, Trump and Johnson are also anticipated to relitigate the 2020 election. The speaker of the House has no trouble feeding Trump’s lust for evidence to support his theory that he won an election through fraud. Following the 2020 election, Johnson—a Republican backbencher at the time—sent an email to every member of the House asking for signatures on an amicus brief in a Texas lawsuit that sought to nullify electoral college votes from Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

The first time Trump brought up the hoax of foreigners rigging US elections was in 2016, when he asserted—without providing any proof—that millions of undocumented immigrants supported Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, costing him the popular vote victory even though he prevailed in the Electoral College.

One of Trump’s main campaign themes is that the country is facing an invasion from undocumented migrants who are bringing crime and disease to the country because of President Joe Biden’s alleged failures during a crisis at the southern border. This new focus on the idea that non-citizens are manipulating US voter rolls in the 2024 election provides a neat synergy with this theme. The former president also regularly invokes a racist “great replacement theory” premise, according to which Democrats are registering a large number of foreigners to vote in the 2024 election. In December, Trump stated on his Truth Social network, “IT’S SO THEY CAN VOTE, VOTE, VOTE.”. The Republican candidate for president, who has warned that immigrants are “poisoning the blood” of the nation, has made statements that are not supported by any facts.

Johnson developed the idea further this week in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, where he detailed a purported Democratic scheme to alter the electoral map. The ultimate goal, according to Johnson, “sounds like a conspiracy theory, but I think it’s actually true that some of these illegals are here to vote for their cause and to change the outcome of the census in 2030.”. It sounds like a crazy criminal design, sort of. And it is, in my opinion. “.

effects of Trump’s electoral misrepresentations.

On election night in 2020, the former president’s story of the stolen election gained momentum. At first, it seemed like a face-saving attempt to stroke his ego and cover up his humiliation at losing to Biden. After a few days, though, it had developed into a full-fledged campaign to overturn the outcome that had given Trump a one-term presidency. Trump declared, “If you count the legal votes, I easily win,” two days after the election. They might attempt to rig the election if you count the illegitimate votes. “.

Though it started small, the conspiracy theory quickly caused great harm, including inspiring Trump’s supporters to stage a mob attack on the US Capitol to prevent Biden’s election from being officially certified on January 6, 2021. Two of the former president’s four criminal indictments resulted from his attempt to rig the election against Biden. Millions of Trump fans were led to believe that he was removed from office unfairly by his deceptive campaign, which undermined confidence in the legitimacy of US democracy. And since Trump rejects attempts to hold him legally accountable for his alleged crimes and views them as Democratic attempts to sabotage the 2024 election, deception has now become the foundation of yet another Trump presidential campaign.

Johnson is facing serious political difficulties.

Trump hardly ever attends an event without bringing up his baseless accusations of electoral fraud. Therefore, granting validity to his conspiracy theory is one way Republicans can regain his trust.

Trump’s assistance is desperately needed by Johnson. Supported by the thinnest of majorities, his speakership is in jeopardy. He was humiliated this week when 19 Republican lawmakers, including some important Trump supporters like Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz obstructed a procedural vote on renewing the authority to spy on foreign nationals abroad, which the US intelligence community deemed essential to combating terrorism. They were carrying out Trump’s orders, as he maintains that US espionage agencies spied on him during the 2016 election. After leadership shortened the authorization from five to two years, presumably in anticipation that Trump would win in November and be able to modify it himself, the bill now appears certain to pass. Gaetz told CNN, “We just bought President Trump an at bat.”.

Georgia Representative, another Trump disciple, poses an even more formidable threat to Johnson. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has threatened to remove Speaker Biden from office if he permits a vote on the long-delayed $60 billion agreement for Ukraine’s arms and ammunition. Greene frequently attends Trump rallies and communicates with him on a regular basis. Johnson may have been hoping that Trump’s influence could help after a tense meeting with Greene this week that didn’t do much to soften her criticism.

Greene, however, issued a warning on Thursday, claiming that any vote she called on Johnson’s replacement was an internal House matter, and that even if the former president endorsed Johnson at Mar-a-Lago on Friday, she would pursue her campaign against the speaker. Completely different problems. “I hope their meeting tomorrow goes well,” Greene said to CNN’s Manu Raju. Pressed on whether she would back down if Trump asked her to, the Georgia Republican dodged. “I support President Trump, I’m one of his biggest fighters here in Congress. It’s all that matters that we fight hard for the president to win; he knows that I love him and he loves me. “.

It is not immediately clear why Trump would welcome the chaos of yet another power struggle in the GOP majority in the House, which could deflect attention from his presidential election campaign and potentially hamper the chances of both he and House Republicans in November’s election.

So, he may have an incentive to stabilize Johnson’s leadership for now — although the former president’s political favors are notoriously fickle and can change at any moment depending on what best suits his own political needs. Kevin McCarthy, the former House Speaker who was ousted by far-right Republican members last year, is one person who paid a price for learning that. The Californian did more than anyone to rehabilitate Trump’s political image, traveling to Florida to meet the ex-president while he was in disgrace weeks after the US Capitol riot. However, Trump did not try to rescue McCarthy last year when he found himself in grave political danger despite the fact that he had done everything in his power to appease Trump.

The ominous echo of a previous speaker’s visit to Trump’s ornate Mar-a-Lago estate will be resonating over Johnson’s pilgrimage on Friday.

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