Three months after the last price increase, the Postal Service wants to raise the cost of stamps

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The US Postal Service wants to — yet again — raise the price of stamps.
The federal agency requested Tuesday to mark up the price of a first-class stamp from 68 cents to 73 cents.
“Forever” stamps have cost 68 cents only since January, when the USPS last jacked up the price from 66 cents.
“Just like everything else, the price goes up the service goes down.
If approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission, the new prices would take effect on July 14, 2024.
The requested hikes come just months after the USPS last raised prices across its system.
US Postmaster General Louis DeJoy previously warned postal customers to get used to “uncomfortable” rate hikes as the Postal Service seeks to become self-sufficient.
Stamp prices have jumped 36% over the last fours — in 2019, a first-class stamp cost just 50 cents.


Goodbye, and start licking your pennies.

The US Postal Service is attempting to increase stamp prices once more.

On Tuesday, the federal agency proposed raising the cost of a first-class stamp from 68 cents to 73 cents.

The only increase in the price of “Forever” stamps since January, when the USPS last raised it from 66 cents, is 68 cents.

The suggested changes drew a quick, unsatisfied response.

“The service decreases as the price increases, just like everything else.”. This nation is in dire shape, a Facebook user commented.

Another person expressed anger, saying, “If USPS plans to raise prices, they need to spend that extra money to find all those missing packages that they “delivered to address” but were either “lost in transit” or never delivered at all.

Just “Thanks, Biden,” was written by one. “.

A 3-cent increase for domestic postcards, a 10-cent increase for international letters, and an undisclosed increase for certified mail and money order fees are also included in the most recent round of proposed changes.

It may seem insignificant, but those extra cents could add up to 7.8% to the cost of products offered by mailing services.

The new rates would go into effect on July 14, 2024, if approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission.

Only a few months have passed since the USPS last increased rates throughout its entire network, despite the requests for increases.

Prior to this, US Postmaster General Louis DeJoy issued a warning to postal customers, asking them to adjust to “uncomfortable” rate increases as the Postal Service works toward becoming self-sufficient. The speaker stated that after “at least 10 years of a defective pricing model,” price increases were justly deserved. “.

For the year ending in September, USPS reported a $6.05 billion net loss in November. 30, marking the lowest volume of first-class mail received since 1968.

The cost of a first-class stamp was only 50 cents in 2019, a 36 percent increase in just four years.

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