There was a fire on I-95 in Connecticut

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NORWALK, Conn. — I-95 in Norwalk, Connecticut is closed in both directions and will not reopen for several days after a fuel truck crashed and burst into flames under an overpass Thursday morning.
State of emergency in Connecticut Lamont has declared a state of emergency as drivers struggle to navigate detours, meaning a standstill for traffic and a slowdown for business.
Northbound lanes are closed to all traffic at exit 14, and southbound lanes are closed at exit 15.
Norwalk Public Schools will be closed Friday because of potential traffic backups.
I-95 overpass must be demolished Flames spread down the highway and roasted the overpass.
Later, he said on X, “The overpass near Exit 15 on I-95 in Norwalk needs to be demolished and the road needs to be repaved.
The closed stretch of I-95 serves 160,000 vehicles per day, according to the governor’s office.
“Our highways team is working closely with Connecticut’s DOT on the tanker fire that has closed I-95 in Norwalk.


NEW HAVEN, CONN. — A fuel truck crashed and caught fire under an overpass on Thursday morning, closing I-95 in both directions and preventing it from opening for several days.

Authorities dubbed it a “chain-reaction” collision. Just past Exit 15 south, a fuel tanker approached the Fairfield Avenue overpass, and just before dawn, a car swerved in front of a truck towing a flatbed trailer.

According to Stephen Shay of the Norwalk Fire Department, “to avoid it, this tractor-trailer swerved to the right and he hit the other tractor-trailer, which ripped open the back of his gasoline tanker.”.

The demolition of the damaged overpass commenced early on Friday morning. Connecticut Gov. It may take a minimum of 24 hours for the crews to lift it using shears, according to Ned Lamont.

View footage taken early on Friday morning from Chopper 2.

There is an emergency in Connecticut.

There is a traffic standstill and a slowdown in business since Lamont has declared a state of emergency due to drivers’ difficulty navigating detours.

“Problems with the supply chain are my concern. The local retailers will undoubtedly be impacted, in my opinion,” Lamont stated.

Numerous vehicles traveling on one of the busiest interstates in the United States caused havoc on the local roads. S. are being rerouted around the site of the collision.

At exit 14, all northbound lanes are blocked to traffic, and at exit 15, all southbound lanes are blocked. It is recommended that visitors take I-84 as a detour through the state.

In the event that more trains are required, Metro-North keeps additional crews available.

Given the possibility of traffic jams, Norwalk Public Schools will be closed on Friday. During the weekend, all practices are canceled; however, proms, plays, and athletic events are still permitted.

If at all possible, companies are being urged by Connecticut officials to allow workers to work from home.

We have to tear down the I-95 overpass.

The highway was engulfed in flames that scorched the overpass. The building and the utility lines that run beneath it—phone, cable, and gas—were seriously damaged in the fire.

“Despite the fact that this bridge is not more than ten years old, the amount of gasoline in the tanker caused some fairly serious damage. It caught fire right beneath the bridge’s structure. An official from the Connecticut Department of Transportation stated at a press conference that “the seal did start to overheat and warp.”. Sadly, under that bridge, it cannot be securely reopened in either direction. “.”.

Lamont declared, “That bridge will have to come down because it was damaged and some of it was compromised by the heat from the burning fuel.”.

Later, he stated on X that “The road in Norwalk needs to be repaved, and the overpass near Exit 15 on I-95 needs to be demolished.”. This highway segment is expected to stay closed until at least Monday. Keep off the road in this vicinity. “.

“Anyone who drives into that area, in that geographical footprint, will receive a wireless alert on their cell phone advising them to avoid the area,” stated Bill Turner, the director of state emergency management. ****.

The governor’s office reports that 160,000 cars use the closed portion of I-95 each day.

For the scene where Chopper 2 is shown, click here.

“The traffic congestion is atrocious.”.

“Thank God there aren’t any major injuries, but it has caused I-95 North and South to close, which is really amazing considering the traffic congestion and other issues there,” Lamont said.

The burned remains of a passenger car and two trucks were left on the closed highway between Exits 15 and 16 hours after the fire was extinguished.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation reports that lane closures for northbound traffic began at Darien’s Exit 13.

“I understand how much of a hassle this is for everyone, so please try to avoid that area as much as you can. The gridlock in traffic is terrible,” Lamont remarked.

Trucking companies were advised to use I-87 and I-84 instead of I-95, and drivers from Bridgeport to Port Chester, New York received text alerts warning them to do so, according to Lamont.

“Many truckers work around the clock. We can only drive for eleven hours and work for fourteen. Thus, this impact causes our loads to arrive later,” truck driver Avril Jenerette said.

While workers attempt to clear 95, drivers should anticipate delays on the Merritt Parkway, where trucks are not permitted.

“Our highways team is collaborating closely with the Connecticut Department of Transportation to address the tanker fire that has caused the closure of I-95 in Norwalk. It is kindly requested that you follow the directions provided by the local authorities and stay away from the area. Pete Buttigieg, the secretary of transportation, thanked the first responders for fighting the fire and ensuring the safety of other drivers in a social media post.

Fuel leakage totaled thousands of gallons.

Of the 8,500 gallons of fuel the truck was carrying, officials said that 75% burned or spilled onto the road.

Although tests showed no effect on the quality of the air or water, hazmat teams who responded to the spill expressed concern about material entering the Norwalk River.

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