There should be a serious Gaza hostage and ceasefire deal

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday said the new U.S. proposal for a hostage deal is “serious” and stressed Hamas needs to accept it in order to get a ceasefire in Gaza.
“The ball is in Hamas’ court and the world is watching to see what it will do,” Blinken said.
Driving the news: The new U.S. proposal presented by CIA Director Bill Burns in Cairo on Sunday includes the release of 40 hostages held in Gaza in return for a six-week ceasefire.
The proposed deal would also involve Israel releasing 900 Palestinian prisoners — 200 more than a previous proposal, Israeli officials said.
In recent negotiations, Hamas said it does not have 40 living hostages from these categories, according to Israeli officials.
The U.S. proposal includes a gradual and almost complete withdrawal of Israel from the corridor that splits the Gaza Strip and prevents Palestinians from returning to the north.
Vice President Kamala Harris met today with families of Americans taken hostage by Hamas on Oct. 7.
She also said the U.S. is working to bring home the remains of hostages confirmed to be deceased.


Tuesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that the new U. s. the hostage-deal proposal is “serious” and emphasizes that Hamas must agree to it in order to secure a cease-fire in Gaza.

Why it matters: The proposal was not rejected out of hand by Hamas. “Despite the Israeli rejectionist position,” the group said in a statement released on Monday, Hamas leadership will talk about the new U.S. s. proposal “in a responsible manner” and will provide the Egyptian and Qatari mediators with a response once it is completed.

“Hamas has control of the situation, and everyone is observing its actions,” Blinken remarked.

The new U. is driving the news. s. Bill Burns, the director of the CIA, made a proposal on Sunday in Cairo that calls for a six-week ceasefire in exchange for the release of forty hostages captured in Gaza.

Additionally, according to Israeli officials, the proposed agreement would see Israel release 900 Palestinian prisoners, 200 more than originally suggested.

It states that, as in the previous proposal, 100 of the inmates would be lifers who have committed acts of Israeli murder.

Israeli officials stated that in order to prevent prisoners from returning to the West Bank or Gaza, Israel demands the power to veto the release of certain prisoners and the potential for deporting those who are released abroad.

A major point of contention in the revised plan is Israel’s insistence that Hamas release 40 of its captives who are still alive, even though some of them do not satisfy the initial requirements for release on humanitarian grounds.

The release of women, female soldiers, men over 50, and men under 50 with serious medical conditions are all included in the first phase of the agreement.

Israeli officials reported that Hamas claimed during recent negotiations that it did not have forty live hostages from these categories.

Senior Israeli officials affirm that they think that to be true, adding that it would take just ten hostages from other categories to release all forty of them.

According to the officials, Israel offered to release more Palestinian prisoners for every soldier or man under 50 who is held as a hostage, and Hamas was to close the gap.

The US. s. Israel’s withdrawal from the corridor that divides the Gaza Strip and keeps Palestinians from going back to the north is part of the proposed, almost gradual, withdrawal.

According to the proposal, Israeli checkpoints that obstruct travel to the north of the Gaza Strip will be entirely eliminated by the time the phase is implemented, an official stated.

Behind the scenes: The prime minister of Qatar informed White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan on Tuesday that he has not heard back from Hamas.

Sullivan stated, “I put pressure on him to get a response from them as soon as possible.”.

In terms of what it is prepared to give up in exchange for hostages, he continued, the Biden administration believes that Israel has made some progress.

He stated, “We have seen some less than encouraging public statements from Hamas.”.

Today, Vice President Kamala Harris met with the families of Americans who were kidnapped by Hamas in October. 7.

Harris underscored that reuniting hostages with their loved ones is a top priority for the administration, the White House said. She also said the U. S. is attempting to return the remains of hostages who have been declared dead to their families.

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