There is a train in the path of a tornado

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– A train conductor was caught in the direct path of an EF-3 tornado in Nebraska, part of a severe weather outbreak over the weekend responsible for more than 100 tornadoes across the Plains and Midwest.
On April 26, a violent supercell produced dozens of tornadoes over eastern Nebraska in Elkhorn, Waverly, Blair and communities outside of Omaha.
During the severe weather outbreak, the NWS office in Omaha issued a rare Tornado Emergency, warning of the life-threatening weather event.
Video taken April 26 shows the conductor and engineer watching as the tornado continued approaching the train tracks, where they were stopped waiting for the signal to change.
‘I HELD ON TO THE DRYER’: NEBRASKA TORNADO SURVIVOR SAYS SHE WAS BURIED ALIVE DURING STORM The conductor stuck his phone outside the train car and recorded the roar of the tornado as it whipped around branches and debris.
Only when the windows are being pelted with debris do the engineer and conductor sound worried about their safety.
As the tornado roars by the tracks for about 30 seconds, the train is repeatedly hit with debris as it passes over them.
NWS damage survey teams would later find damage consistent with an EF-3 tornado and wind speeds up to 158 mph.


WAVERLY, Colorado. – During the weekend, a severe weather outbreak that produced over 100 tornadoes throughout the Midwest and Plains claimed the life of a train conductor in Nebraska when an EF-3 tornado struck directly in her path.

Numerous tornadoes over eastern Nebraska, including those in Elkhorn, Waverly, Blair, and other communities outside of Omaha, were caused by a strong supercell on April 26. The rare Tornado Emergency issued by the NWS office in Omaha during the severe weather outbreak alerted people to the potentially fatal weather condition.

The train tracks were stopped while they awaited a change in signal on April 26. The conductor and engineer can be seen on camera observing the tornado as it approached the tracks.

Talking calmly about the size and approach of the massive tornado hurtling toward them, the two went on about discussing it.

A Nebraska tornado survivor claims, “I held on to the dryer,” that she was buried alive during the storm.

The train conductor captured the sound of the tornado whipping around branches and debris on camera by sticking his phone outside the train car.

The conductor and engineer don’t seem concerned for their safety until flying debris is smashing through the windows.

“It really took that building out!”.

“Maybe we should move away from the windows?”.

“Alright, hiding now. “.”.

It is passing directly overhead. Keep on. Please hold on.

The train is struck by debris several times as it passes over the tracks during the roughly thirty seconds that the tornado roars by. The conductor is seen in the video holding onto a handle inside the train. The video taken after the tornado shows cracks in the double-pane windows.

The engineer questioned aloud whether any cars would be damaged by the tornado as the twister passed through the area.

In the midst of Nebraska’s tornado devastation, RAINBOW PROVIDES BREATHTAKING SIGHT IN ELKHORN.

The conductor declared, “There will be something on the ground.”. “I promise that we will. “.

The conductor who took the video claims that 31 cars were derailed by the tornado. There were no injuries to the conductor or engineer.

Moments after the tornado passed, the conductor thought, “We ain’t going nowhere.”.

Teams conducting an NWS damage survey would subsequently discover wind speeds of up to 158 mph and damage consistent with an EF-3 tornado. Waverly was one of the more than 8.5 miles that the tornado touched down in Lancaster County.

No injuries were reported by BNSF Railway.

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