There is a rare agreement between administrators and protesters

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As pro-Palestinian protests continued to escalate across the country, officials and students at Brown University set a rare example on Tuesday: They made a deal.
Demonstrators agreed to dismantle their encampment at Brown, which had been removed by Tuesday evening, and university leaders said they would discuss, and later vote on, divesting funds from companies connected to the Israeli military campaign in Gaza.
More than a thousand people have been arrested over the past two weeks after a crackdown on a pro-Palestinian encampment at Columbia in New York resulted in a cascade of student activism across the country.
At Brown, in Providence, R.I., students began pitching tents on the main campus lawn on Wednesday.
Many said they would stay until they were forced out, adding that they were concerned about trying to end the violence in Gaza — not about violating university policies.
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On Tuesday, officials and students at Brown University set an uncommon example as pro-Palestinian protests grew nationwide: they reached an agreement.

On Tuesday night, demonstrators moved their camp from Brown, and university officials announced they would talk about and vote on withdrawing funding from businesses involved in the Israeli military operation in Gaza.

The deal was reached as chaotic scenes spread throughout the United States. s. protesters have taken over buildings at Columbia University in New York and Portland State University in Oregon. At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, protesters have replaced the American flag in the middle of the campus with a Palestinian one.

After a crackdown on a pro-Palestinian encampment at Columbia in New York sparked a nationwide wave of student activism, over a thousand people have been arrested in the last two weeks.

In Providence, Rhode Island, at Brown. On Wednesday, students set up tents on the main campus lawn. In addition to stating that their concerns were about attempting to put an end to the violence in Gaza rather than breaking university policies, many said they would remain until they were forced to leave.

In a joint Instagram post, Brown Divest Coalition and Jewish Voice for Peace announced that they had reached an agreement with the university following discussions with administrators. They added that the agreement “would not have been possible without the hard work of university encampments across the country, whose collective power has forced university administrators to acknowledge the overwhelming support for Palestine on their campuses.”. “.

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