There is a new mural in London conveying an environmental message


Street artist Banksy debuted a new mural in London Sunday conveying a compelling green message on St. Patrick’s Day.
The political activist claimed credit over the piece by showing before and after photos on his Instagram page without a caption.
The mural was painted on a building wall behind a cut-back tree with no branches using saturated green paint mimicking the once present leaves.
An illustrated green person can be found holding a paint sprayer looking at the plant.
The painting was found on north London street in the Islington North neighborhood, according to NPR.
‘We live in one world’Former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who represents the area as a member of parliament, shared his interpretation behind the Banksy piece.
“It makes people stop and think ‘Hang on.
We live in one world.
We live in one environment,” he shared.
“It is vulnerable and on the cusp of serious damage being done to it,” Corbyn said.
“Environmental politics is about densely populated urban areas like this, just as much as it is about farmland and woodland and hedges.”
Officials say they’ll protect the treeThe Islington Council said its graffiti removal team will not remove the mural but officials warned it may not last for long due to the condition of the wall.
The council added that the tree is a cherry tree that has lived for around 40 to 50 years, according to BBC.
However due to decay and fungi damage, the tree’s health is declining.
Officials added that the tree has been pruned to prolong its lifespan and that they will continue to support it’s life, BBC reported.
Banksy’s previous work has sold for millionsBanksy began his career spray painting murals in England and has built a reputation for his satirical work.
The artist, who has never revealed his true identity, has sold his work for million of dollars at auctions, according to the Associated Press.
Some of his work include images of policemen kissing, riot police with yellow smiley faces and a chimpanzee holding a sign that reads “Laugh now, but one day I’ll be in charge.”

Street artist Banksy made his mural debut in London on Sunday, showcasing a powerful message about going green on St. Saint Patrick’s Day.

By posting before and after pictures of the piece without a caption on his Instagram page, the political activist claimed credit for it.

Using saturated green paint to resemble the once-present leaves, the mural was painted on a building wall behind a tree that had been chopped back to no branches. The plant is being observed by a green person who is depicted and holding a paintbrush.

According to NPR, the painting was discovered on a north London street in the Islington North neighborhood.

“This world is our home.”.

Parliamentarian for the area and former leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, gave his interpretation of the Banksy artwork. It causes people to pause and consider, ‘Hang on. Our world is our home. “Our surroundings are one,” he said.

“It is susceptible and in danger of suffering significant harm,” Corbyn stated. “Though farmland, forests, and hedges are important aspects of environmental politics, so are densely populated urban areas like this one. “.

The tree will be protected, according to officials.

The mural will not be removed by the Islington Council’s graffiti removal team, but officials have warned that given the state of the wall, it might not last long.

According to the BBC, the council also mentioned that the tree is a cherry tree that has lived for about 40 to 50 years. But the health of the tree is deteriorating because of fungus damage and decay.

As per the BBC report, the officials stated that the tree’s lifespan has been extended through pruning, and they will persist in providing for it.

Millions have been paid for Banksy’s earlier artwork.

After starting his career in England spray painting murals, Banksy became well-known for his satirical artwork.

The Associated Press reports that the artist, who has never disclosed his true identity, has fetched millions of dollars for his artwork at auction. Laugh now, but one day I’ll be in charge is written on a chimpanzee’s sign, and other images in his work depict police officers sharing a kiss and smiling yellow faces as riot police. “.”.

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