There is a house explosion in New Jersey

CBS New York

SOUTH RIVER, N.J. — A house explosion in New Jersey left at least one person dead and another injured Thursday evening.
It happened just after 7 p.m. at a home on Continental Court in South River, Middlesex County.
The Middlesex County prosecutor’s office said 62-year-old Kevin Gilbert succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.
Chopper 2 over scene of deadly house explosion in New Jersey Video from over the scene showed the house had been leveled with debris blown in all directions.
South River Mayor Peter Guindi told CBS New York all gas lines in the neighborhood were shut down and neighbors were evacuated.
PSE&G New Jersey said it was on the scene investigating and working with local authorities.
Neighbors thought New Jersey house explosion was another earthquake The blast was so powerful that neighbors could feel it from blocks away.
Like, the whole house, we thought something fell on the house.


The South River, N. D. J. At least one person was killed and another injured in a house explosion that occurred in New Jersey on Thursday night.

Just after 7 p.m., it occurred. me. at a house in South River, Middlesex County, situated on Continental Court.

According to officials, two victims had severe injuries when emergency personnel arrived on the scene.

Kevin Gilbert, 62, was pronounced dead at the scene after succumbing to his injuries, according to the Middlesex County prosecutor’s office. Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital received a second victim who needed medical attention.

The initial report of two deaths was given to CBS New York.

As of right now, the cause of the explosion is unknown.

Overlooking the site of a fatal house explosion in New Jersey is Chopper 2.

The house was completely leveled, and debris was flying in every direction, according to video captured from above the scene. Additionally, there were pieces of the house visible in the backyards of nearby residences. It’s unclear if any of those homes close by sustained damage.

According to South River Mayor Peter Guindi, neighbors were evacuated and all gas lines in the neighborhood were turned off, as reported by CBS New York.

To clear the debris left over from the explosion and make room for the gas lines, a digging crew was called in. PSEandG New Jersey said that it was conducting an investigation and collaborating with regional law enforcement while on the scene.

Numerous roads in the vicinity of the house were closed off.

The house explosion in New Jersey confused neighbors for another earthquake.

Neighbors could feel the blast from blocks away because it was so strong. People reported that it rattled windows and shook objects inside their houses. A few believed it to be yet another earthquake.

“Seeing a house entirely demolished was a horrifying sight. Every home nearby, the neighbors’ cars, garage doors, and broken windows were all forced inside, according to Guindi.

“The house shook from the sheer power of this. A neighbor expressed, “I honestly thought there would be another earthquake.”.

“Boom, all of a sudden. Boo, boo, if you will. We believed that something had collapsed onto the entire house. We truly did,” remarked a different neighbor.

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