There is a disturbing video of a man charged in a sexual assault


The video captures a disturbing sequence: A woman can be seen walking along a sidewalk in the Bronx on an early May morning, when a man, his face covered, approaches from behind.
The scenes captured on the video sowed fear among many residents of the South Bronx.
On Saturday, the police said they had arrested a man — Kashaan Parks, 39, also of the Bronx — in connection with the assault.
Parks faces several charges, including rape, assault, strangulation, sex abuse and harassment.
Parks had been arrested two other times: Once in 2018 for domestic assault, and in 2013 for theft of service in the transit system.
It was not immediately clear if there was any connection between Mr.
The woman, who was not named, went to Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx after the attack.
She did not report the assault to the authorities, Joseph Kenny, the chief of detectives for the Police Department, told reporters at a briefing on Friday.


A startling scene is caught on camera: on a bright May morning, a woman is seen strolling down a Bronx sidewalk when a man with a hood over his face approaches from behind. He pulls the woman to the ground and wraps a belt loop around her neck. She faints. In between two parked cars, he drags her.

Subsequently, according to the police, he molested her.

Many people living in the South Bronx became afraid after seeing the scenes captured on camera. A 39-year-old Bronx man named Kashaan Parks was taken into custody by the police on Saturday in relation to the assault, they announced.

Alright, Mr. In addition to rape, Parks is accused of assault, strangulation, sex abuse, and harassment. Mr. Parks was reportedly arrested twice before, once for domestic assault in 2018 and once for transit system theft in 2013. If there was a relationship between Mr. Parks and the woman, it was unclear at first.

That was approximately five in the morning. me. in the vicinity of the intersection of Third Avenue and East 152nd Street on May 1. Following the attack, the unnamed woman went to Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx. Chief of detectives for the Police Department Joseph Kenny told reporters at a briefing on Friday that she did not report the assault to the authorities.

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