There are 106 Texas counties under a disaster declaration

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Seven people have died and more than one hundred were injured as severe weather swept through Texas over the weekend, Gov.
A 2-year-old and a 5-year-old from the same family were killed, officials said.
Severe storms rock Texas The two children from the same family were among the seven people killed in Cooke County, Texas, north of Dallas, the Cooke County Sheriff’s Office told The Associated Press on Sunday.
The tornado that went through Cooke County is preliminarily rated an EF-2 with winds up to 135 mph.
The storm tore through a roadside travel center near Valley View, Texas, before continuing through a community of manufactured homes, according to Cooke County, Texas, Sheriff Ray Sappington.
Meanwhile, a landslide closed both directions of Highway 340 in Bella Vista, Texas, according to the Bella Vista Police Department.
2 killed in Arkansas, officials say Arkansas officials said at least two people were killed when a possible tornado hit early Sunday morning.
One person was found dead in Benton County in the northwest part of the state, and a 26-year-old woman was discovered dead outside a destroyed home in Olvey in Boone County, officials said.


Governor Rick Perry announced on Saturday that severe weather over the weekend claimed seven lives and injured over a hundred. On Sunday night, Greg Abbott said.

According to Abbott, 106 counties in the state have been declared disaster areas.

Following tornado activity that was initially classified as an EF2 with winds of 125 mph, authorities reported on Sunday that more than 200 homes or structures had been destroyed and another 120 had been damaged.

According to authorities, two children from the same family, ages two and five, died.

As severe weather struck the five states on Saturday night and into Sunday morning, at least 11 people were killed in communities in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas, according to earlier reports from law enforcement and officials.

Authorities said that 25 tornadoes were reported in the five impacted states.

Texas is under a severe storm.

Cooke County, Texas, north of Dallas, saw the deaths of seven people on Sunday, including two children from the same family, the Cooke County Sheriff’s Office told The Associated Press.

With winds reaching 135 mph, the tornado that crossed Cooke County is currently classified as an EF-2.

Cooke County, Texas, Sheriff Ray Sappington said that the storm tore through a roadside travel center near Valley View, Texas, before moving through a manufactured home community.

He told Dallas-Fort Worth ABC affiliate WFAA that there were more than sixty injuries.

About 60 miles northwest of Dallas, at the manufactured home community of Valley View, the FRF Estates is where the majority of those deaths happened, according to Sappington.

According to him, there was “major damage” as emergency response teams searched the development on Sunday morning for survivors. “.”.

Sappington reported that the Gateway AP Travel Center in Valley View was another severely affected area. A large number of people pulled off the road to take refuge in the truck stop’s parking lot or restrooms. Sappington estimated that the facility resulted in 60 to 80 injuries.

According to a statement released by the Cooke County Sheriff’s Office early on Sunday morning, “the storm has caused significant damage to numerous homes and businesses, including the Gateway AP Travel Center, which received major damage.”. “Many injuries of varying degrees have been reported, and emergency services are actively searching the debris for missing persons. ****.

While emergency personnel cleared debris from roads and looked for survivors, Sappington issued a warning to the public to avoid the storm-damaged areas.

“If people could please stay away for a few hours so that we can finish our search and rescue efforts, it would be really helpful,” Sappington stated. “It’s dangerous out there; I know some people were trying to return from out of the area.”. The power lines are not functioning. There have been gas leak reports. It’s just risky at the moment. Let us have some time to complete the tasks at hand. We are still making an effort to save lives. Currently, the best thing that people can do is to give us some time. “.”.

In the meantime, the Bella Vista Police Department reports that a landslide blocked Highway 340 in both directions in Bella Vista, Texas. Heavy rains “compromised the road surface,” causing the ground beneath the highway to wash away, according to police, forcing the closure of the highway.

Authorities in Arkansas report two deaths.

When a potential tornado struck early on Sunday morning, Arkansas officials reported that at least two people had died. Authorities said that a 26-year-old woman was found dead outside of a demolished home in Olvey, Boone County, and that one person had been found dead in Benton County, in the northwest of the state.

Benton County judge Barry Moehring stated at a press conference that there were multiple injuries in addition to the two fatalities in the county.

According to Moehring, two tornadoes appeared to touch down close to Beaver Lake, and at least one possible tornado tore through the town of Decatur in Benton County.

In addition to causing major damage in Bentonville, where a portion of the courthouse was destroyed, the storm also brought down numerous trees and powerlines, according to Moehring.

Responding to reports of people buried beneath the debris, he said, were emergency personnel.

Photos of the extensive damage in downtown Rogers, Arkansas, also in Benton County, were shared by the police on Facebook on Sunday. According to the Rogers Police Department, rescue crews were evaluating the damage and looking for survivors.

“We are still responding and attempting to answer calls, even though all of our main streets have trees on them or are closed. A Facebook post by the Rogers Police Department urged people not to drive around barricades, saying that “too many cars on the streets hamper our response.”.

In Oklahoma, there were two deaths.

According to information provided to Tulsa ABC affiliate KTUL by the Oklahoma Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, a probable tornado struck Pryor, Oklahoma, approximately 45 miles east of Tulsa, killing at least two people.

current projections.

In sections of the Mississippi and Ohio River valley, where several rounds of powerful storms are possible, the threat of more severe weather on Sunday moved east.

Tornado watches were in effect until 3 p.m. according to the NWS. M. CT on Sunday for a portion of western and middle Tennessee, which includes Nashville and Knoxville, as well as central Kentucky, which includes the cities of Louisville and Bowling Green.

On Sunday night, severe storms are expected to cross the Great Plains and move into Iowa, where people are still recovering from Tuesday night’s deadly hurricanes that destroyed half of the town of Greenfield and killed four people, according to officials.

The areas with an increased risk of damaging winds, hail, and tornadoes in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, northern Tennessee, and the southwestern edge of Ohio are predicted to see the strongest storms.

Apart from the intense thunderstorm and tornado warnings, there is a possibility of hazardous flash flooding from southern Missouri to a large portion of Kentucky on Sunday afternoon and into Sunday night.

Strong, sluggish thunderstorms are predicted for Sunday afternoon, with the potential to cause flash flooding and a deluge of rain in a number of states, including Illinois, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Flooding is predicted to pose the biggest threat in southern Illinois, specifically in the Carbondale area.

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