The winning Oregon ticket holder is not known two days after the drawing

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A person with a ticket matching all six Powerball numbers in Saturday’s $1.3 billion jackpot came forward Monday to claim the prize from last weekend’s drawing.
For selling the winning ticket, managers of the Plaid Pantry location plan to share their $100,000 bonus.
The store’s other employees typically get a cut of lottery prize bonus payments too, said Jonathan Polonsky, CEO and president of Plaid Pantry.
There’s a lot of moving pieces,” Oregon Lottery spokesperson Melanie Mesaros said.
Oregon has had five previous Powerball jackpot winners, including two families who shared a $340 million prize in 2005.
In Oregon, the prize is subject to federal and state taxes that whittle down the haul by a couple hundred million.
The prize was the fourth largest Powerball jackpot in history and the eighth largest among U.S. jackpot games, according to the Oregon Lottery.
The largest U.S. lottery jackpot won was $2.04 billion in California in 2022.


PORTLAND, Oregon. (AP) – The eighth-biggest lottery prize winner in U.S. S. Officials from the Oregon lottery stated on Tuesday that history won’t be revealed for at least a few more weeks while their ticket is verified and plans are made for the substantial payment.

The winner of the $1.33 billion Powerball jackpot from last weekend’s drawing came forward on Monday with a ticket that matched all six Powerball numbers. In northeast Portland, they purchased the ticket from a convenience store.

In exchange for selling the winning ticket, the Plaid Pantry location’s managers intend to split their $100,000 bonus. According to Jonathan Polonsky, CEO and president of Plaid Pantry, the store’s other employees usually receive a portion of lottery prize bonuses as well.

Officials from the lottery said they were taking security measures to confirm the win and that they would need to work with the Multi-State Lottery Association, which is in charge of the Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries, to send the winnings to the winner. That is going to take time.

“This is the biggest jackpot that has ever been won in Oregon.”. An Oregon Lottery spokesperson, Melanie Mesaros, stated that there are numerous moving parts.

There have been five Powerball jackpot winners from Oregon in the past, including two families who split a $340 million prize in 2005.

If the winner opts for a lump sum payout instead of an annuity paid over 30 years, the jackpot has a $621 million cash value. The payout is made up of 29 annual installments after the initial payout.

Federal and state taxes in Oregon reduce the prize money by a few hundred million.

Among U.S. lottery winners, the prize was the eighth largest jackpot ever, and the fourth largest Powerball jackpot ever. S. lottery games, as stated by the Oregon Lottery.

The greatest U.S. S. In California, a $2.04 billion lottery jackpot was won in 2022.


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