The victims of the East Palestine train wreck reached a $600 million settlement with Norfolk Southern

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EAST PALESTINE ‒ Norfolk Southern has reached what attorneys contend is the largest settlement in U.S. railroad history over the Feb. 3, 2023, train derailment in East Palestine.
The process will take several months to finalize the settlement, Conroy said, but victims could get compensation by year’s end.
Norfolk Southern’s statement on lawsuit settlement According to Norfolk Southern, the settlement is “another promise kept by Norfolk Southern to make it right for the people of East Palestine and the surrounding communities.”
A Norfolk Southern freight train — Train 32N — carrying hazardous materials to Conway, Pennsylvania, derailed on Feb. 3, 2023, and caught fire.
It happened in East Palestine, a village of nearly 4,700 people, in Columbiana County near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border.
They also were negotiating with Norfolk Southern and in the last several days, the possibility for a deal emerged.
His firm, Fayard & Honeycutt, had a role in the East Palestine lawsuit, too.
It does not resolve separate lawsuits filed by state and federal agencies against Norfolk Southern for the environmental cleanup.


Attorneys claim Norfolk Southern’s settlement is the largest in U.S. history. s. rail history during the month of February. 3, 2023: a train derails in East Palestine.

The lead attorneys for the victims and Norfolk Southern declared on Tuesday that the Atlanta-based business had reached an agreement in principle to settle a class-action lawsuit worth $610 million. The multimillion-dollar agreement still needs U.S. approval. s. District Judge Benita Pearson of the Youngstown court.

One of the lead attorneys, Jayne Conroy of Simmons Hanly Conroy, stated via a Zoom interview that “based on our research, and settlements are often confidential, but this looks significantly larger than any other derailment settlement that we’re aware of in the United States.”.

Conroy stated that although it will take several months to complete the settlement, victims might receive money by the end of the year.

Speed is crucial, she said, because the people living in East Palestine have been through a lot.

Regarding the litigation settlement, each side released a statement on their own.

The statement from Norfolk Southern regarding the settlement of the lawsuit.

“This is another commitment made by Norfolk Southern to ensure that things are fair for the residents of East Palestine and the neighboring communities,” the company claims of the settlement. ****.

Further: Chemical leak and East Palestine derailment have Norfolk Southern facing multiple lawsuits.

“The company pledged in March 2023 to address the drinking water, home values, and health care as the three long-term concerns of the residents. Programs for drinking water and home value assurance have already been announced by the company. With this comprehensive settlement, the company is going above and beyond by giving people additional, substantial financial relief, including for health care, and by supporting qualified local businesses in their efforts to rebuild and expand. “.”.

On February, a hazardous material-carrying Norfolk Southern freight train, designated as Train 32N, derailed near Conway, Pennsylvania. 3, 2023, and started to burn. It took place in Columbiana County, close to the Ohio–Pennsylvania border, in the village of East Palestine, home to about 4,700 people.

A toxic and flammable gas used in plastic products, vinyl chloride, which can cause certain cancers, was found in five of the train cars. People were evacuated and a controlled gas release was carried out on February in order to avert an explosion. 6. The initial legal action was brought in February. 7.

Pearson combined the at least thirty-one lawsuits that had been filed by April into a single class-action lawsuit against Norfolk Southern.

Lawsuit settlement is discussed by the attorneys for the East Palestine train derailment.

Conroy and Seth A. are the victims’ principal attorneys. Katz from Burg Simpson Eldredge Hersh and Jardine; Elizabeth Graham M. from Grant & Eisenhofer; and T. From Morgan & Morgan, Michael Morgan.

In accordance with the settlement agreement, and subject to court approval, payments would be made to businesses and residents in East Palestine as well as the impacted communities within a 20-mile radius.

Almost five thousand people live in the village alone; everyone would be qualified. A voluntary program to reimburse people within a 10-mile radius for past, present, and future personal injuries brought on by chemical exposure is also included.

“A range of factors, such as the extent of injuries or other impacts and the plaintiff’s proximity to the derailment, may affect the amount of money that each individual plaintiffs receives.”. Before final approval can be granted, the claims process must be finished, according to the lawyers. We anticipate filing the settlement’s precise terms for preliminary approval in the upcoming days or weeks.

Additionally, the settlement funds would be added to any funds that Norfolk Southern had previously provided through other payments and community assistance, according to the attorneys.

“This settlement, which was reached soon after the accident’s one-year anniversary, will offer significant financial support to all impacted citizens, property owners, workers, and companies that live there, own property, or otherwise have a stake in it, as well as cover losses incurred due to the chemical spill and derailment,” stated the lead attorneys.

Norfolk Southern outlined the following achievements made thus far by the company:.

$104 million in community assistance has been provided to East Palestine and the surrounding areas in Ohio and Pennsylvania. This assistance includes $21 million in direct payments to residents, $25 million for a regional safety training center, $25 million for planned improvements to East Palestine’s city park, and $9 million for local first responders.

$4,3 million will be used to support infrastructure improvements related to drinking water.

$2 million will be allocated to community-driven initiatives.

A grant of $500,000 for economic development; and.

continuous assistance to the community via the Family Assistance Center and initiatives like the Interim Value Assurance Campaign.

Lawyers say Norfolk Southern settled more quickly than anticipated.

According to Conroy, the lawyers were getting ready for the trial because Pearson intended for it to begin around the second anniversary of the derailment in 2025. Additionally, they were in talks with Norfolk Southern, and in the last few days, there seemed to be a chance for a deal.

The National Transportation Safety Board’s Jennifer Homendy testified at a Senate hearing last month, saying that the controlled burns and explosions were not necessary. It was unclear if this testimony had any bearing on Norfolk Southern’s decision to settle.

Respect to the government, we were delighted to see that, but that has always been our stance. It was an entirely needless situation. It’s not sure if Norfolk Southern took that to heart, but that has always been our stance for the plaintiffs, Conroy said.

Calvin Fayard Jr. a Baton Rouge lawyer who represented plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit against Illinois Central Gulf Railroad over the Livingston, Louisiana, train derailment in 1982, claimed it took the railroad years to agree to a $39 million settlement. Additionally involved in the East Palestine lawsuit was his firm, Fayard & Honeycutt.

Although our circumstances were different, the 1982 settlement took longer to complete than the current one. It was a much more remote and small community. Compared to East Palestine, Fayard said, “there were fewer people and businesses.”. “Nevertheless, this is a significant amount and a community win. “.

Lawyers: “In our opinion, this outcome is just, reasonable, and sufficient for the community. “.”.

The victims’ lawyers thanked Pearson “for her diligence and guidance” and for ensuring that all parties involved fulfilled deadlines in a prepared statement.

Conroy stated, “Judge Pearson has been very active in this case.”.

The lawyers stated that although the general framework of the settlement has been decided upon, a few details still need to be worked out, such as consulting experts to establish an allocation formula. Residents will receive formal notice along with claim forms if the court approves the deal on a preliminary basis.

Conroy stated that the lawyers will be holding community meetings soon to talk about the options and the process with the people of East Palestine.

According to a statement from Katz, Graham, Conroy, and Morgan, “we want to make the claims process as easy and efficient as possible, with the hopes of getting initial payments out by the end of this year.”. The claims procedure will take into account certain elements like the household’s membership, location in relation to the derailment, duration of any displacement, exposure to contaminants, and so forth. “.

All plaintiff cases combined into the class-action lawsuit would be resolved if Pearson approved the settlement. It doesn’t settle the various environmental cleanup lawsuits that state and federal agencies have brought against Norfolk Southern. They have not yet been completed.

“We think this is a just, reasonable, and sufficient outcome for the community in many ways, not the least of which is the speed at which the issue is being resolved and the total amount of the rewards that citizens can anticipate, which will be substantial for the people most affected by the derailment,” stated Katz, Graham, Conroy, and Morgan.

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