The UNC Frat Brothers protected the American flag

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The incident was caught on camera at UNC Chapel Hill’s main quad on Tuesday, where pro-Palestinian demonstrators replaced the U.S. flag with a Palestinian flag, sparking clashes between protesters and counterprotesters amid wider demonstrations.
According to footage circulated on social media, brothers of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity stepped in to ensure the American flag did not touch the ground as they faced verbal insults.
Video captured the students protecting the flag while being targeted by a group of protesters hurling objects at them.
“For the boys who protected the American flag at UNC, I’d like to offer a free concert for their celebration of freedom party,” the star wrote on X, formerly Twitter, on Wednesday before asking if “anybody [knows how to find these young men.”
Tagging conservative radio host Dan Bongino, Rich added: “Maybe we could talk @dbongino into doing a live broadcast from their frat house?
Hours later, Rich announced that he had been successful in his attempts to contact the fraternity brothers, writing: “I’ve made contact with the Patriots at UNC!
In his own posts on X, Estrada wrote: “Today was a sad yet empowering day at Chapel Hill.
When I walked to class, I saw the Palestinian flag raised on our quad flag pole, and was immediately upset at the act that these ‘protestors’ had made.


Singer of country music John Rich has offered to give a free concert to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill fraternity members who were seen this week defending an American flag during a campus demonstration.

On Tuesday, pro-Palestinian protestors took the place of U.S. s. amid larger protests, a Palestinian flag was substituted, leading to altercations between demonstrators and counterprotesters.

Despite verbal abuse, brothers from the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity intervened, according to video that went viral on social media, to make sure the American flag stayed in the air. A group of protestors threw objects at the students as they were being filmed defending the flag.

Following the viral video, musician Rich publicly offered on social media to honor the men’s efforts and showered them with praise.

“I would like to offer a free concert for the celebration of freedom party for the boys who protected the American flag at UNC,” the celebrity wrote on X, the former Twitter platform, on Wednesday. She then inquired as to whether “anyone [knows how to find these young men?”. “.”.

Rich continued by tagging conservative radio host Dan Bongino and saying, “Maybe we could convince @dbongino to do a live broadcast from their frat house? Come on, Dan, live a little.”. “.

Conservative activist Scott Presler chimed in, saying, “Oh my gosh! Yes, please have @dbongino broadcast live from their fraternity house. Maybe I can set up a voter registration table.”. ****.

Rich answered, “We need to call these guys first thing tomorrow.”.

“I’ve made contact with the Patriots at UNC! Working on a date to have a massive event to celebrate our flag and those who love her,” wrote Rich, indicating that he had been successful in contacting the fraternity brothers. This announcement was made hours later. “.

Let’s call it Flagstock,” Rich suggested, adding that he would keep his followers “posted.”. “Can you create a Flagstock trend? LESSGO!”.

Representatives from Rich and UNC were contacted by Newsweek via email to provide comments.

Rep. In reaction to Rich’s announcement, Republican candidate for attorney general from North Carolina, Dan Bishop, said on X, “I will definitely be there. “.

Guillermo Estrada, a Pi Kappa Phi member and student at UNC, liked Bishop’s post after he shared video of himself trying to keep the flag safe during the demonstration.

Estrada described his own experiences on X as follows: “Today at Chapel Hill was a depressing but empowering day. Upon seeing the Palestinian flag hoisted atop our quad flagpole on my way to class, I became infuriated at the actions of these so-called protesters.

I can’t claim to be well-informed about the Israel/Palestine conflict, but I find it offensive that the flag of my nation was disregarded in favor of another. “.

Lee Roberts, the interim chancellor of UNC, personally strolled to the quad to assist in raising the U. S. The flag was taken down from the flagpole and placed back in its original location. After that, pro-Palestinian demonstrators made another attempt to take it down, according to Estrada.

The Pro-Palestinians started taking down the flag once more when the Chancellor departed, according to Estrada. “I ran over to hold it up so it wouldn’t touch the ground with my fraternity brothers. Others started hurling rocks, sticks, and water bottles at us while cursing at us. We defended the flag, which so many people fight to protect, for an hour. “.

Following two weeks of student-led encampment at Columbia University in New York City, where they demanded that the university divest from companies with ties to Israel over its war in Gaza, there have been numerous protests across the country, including the one that occurred at Chapel Hill.

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