The UK gave aid to the hard sell after the Trump meeting

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LONDON — Britain’s top diplomat David Cameron insisted it’s “profoundly in your interest” for the U.S. to pass a stalled package of aid to Ukraine, hours after a face-to-face meeting with Donald Trump.
Cameron on Monday dined with Trump at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.
Cameron declined to get into specifics of what he dubbed the “private meeting” Tuesday, but said that the pair had discussed geopolitical issues like Gaza and Ukraine.
“This was entirely in line with precedent of government ministers meeting with opposition politicians in the run-up to elections,” the U.K. foreign secretary said.
Cameron is far from the first foreign diplomat to engage with Republicans on the matter or Ukraine aid, and it’s not unusual for world leaders to engage with members of opposed political parties while traveling abroad, administration officials said.
Biden typically only meets with visiting heads of state, and is not scheduled to sit down with Cameron.
But Blinken plans to host Cameron for a private dinner at his residence Tuesday evening, according to a State Dept.
He has since attempted to soften his rhetoric — but not before senior figures, including Cameron, had criticized him for his comments.


LONDON — David Cameron, the British ambassador at large, stated that it is “deeply in your interest” for the U. S. hours after a face-to-face meeting with Donald Trump, to approve a delayed aid package to Ukraine.

At a U.S. S. charm offensive, which included a meal with the Republican contender for president on Monday, Cameron pleaded with Congress to approve an additional $60 billion in aid for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia despite months of impasse over the proposal.

During a combined news conference on Tuesday with his U. S. “Nothing is more important [for Ukraine] than the supplemental that the Congress is looking at at the moment,” said Cameron in response to his counterpart Antony Blinken. “.

“My purpose in coming here is not to give speeches, give orders, or obstruct the political and other processes in the United States. S “Callum said Cameron.

He continued, saying, “I just came here as a great friend and believer in this country and believe that it’s profoundly in your interest and security and in your future and the future of all your partners to release this money and let it through.”.

At the former president’s Florida Mar-a-Lago resort, Cameron had dinner with Trump on Monday.

Cameron stated that the two had talked about geopolitical concerns like Gaza and Ukraine, but he would not elaborate on the specifics of what he called the “private meeting” on Tuesday.

“This completely followed the historical pattern of government ministers convening with opposition lawmakers prior to elections,” the U.S. KK. said the foreign secretary.

Cameron’s house visit at Mar-a-Lago did not unsettle the administration of President Joe Biden. According to administration officials, world leaders frequently interact with members of opposing political parties when visiting other countries, and Cameron is by no means the first foreign diplomat to do so regarding the issue of Ukraine aid.

Biden is not scheduled to meet with Cameron; normally, he only meets with visiting heads of state. That being said, a State Department official says Blinken will invite Cameron to a private dinner at his home on Tuesday night. formal.

NATO call.

Despite their past disagreements, Cameron, the former prime minister of Great Britain, claimed to have had a “good” meeting with Trump and to “tend to make the same points wherever I am talking.”. “.

“We must make every effort this year to ensure that NATO is in the best possible shape for its 75th anniversary, encouraging everyone to spend up to 2 percent of GDP on defense,” the U.S. KK. stated the foreign secretary.

In February, Trump said he would “encourage” Russia to “do whatever the hell they want” to NATO members who don’t fulfill their financial obligations to the alliance, which caused great concern in capitals across Europe. Although senior figures, including Cameron, had chastised him for his remarks, he has since made an effort to temper his rhetoric.

A summary provided by Trump’s staff states that Cameron and the outgoing president talked about “the upcoming U. s. & U. K. Elections, Brexit-related policy issues, NATO member states’ obligations to fulfill their defense budget commitments, and putting an end to the slaughter in Ukraine. “.

It also says that they talked about “their mutual admiration for the late Queen Elizabeth II” in the Trump campaign readout. “.

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