The U.S. Army officer resigned in protest

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Mann, a 13-year U.S. Army veteran who worked in the Middle East bureau, sat down with CBS News senior national correspondent Jim Axelrod for his first television interview since resigning his post.
Mann submitted his resignation in November, and his separation from the military became effective Monday.
More than six U.S. government officials have publicly resigned in protest of the United States’ support for Israel’s war, but Mann is the first from the military and intelligence community.
A Defense Intelligence Agency official confirmed to CBS News that Mann was assigned to the agency.
Mann told “CBS Mornings” that U.S. weapons have enabled Israel’s operations in Gaza, suggesting Israel has indiscriminately targeted Palestinian civilians since it began responding to Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack and ongoing capture of Jewish hostages.
“They’re not responding in a way that is productive for the security of the state of Israel or Jews worldwide,” Mann said.
That is not good for the near- or long-term security of Israel.”
The IDF has said around 15,000 Hamas militants have been killed in Gaza.


Maj. The Defense Intelligence Agency employee Harrison Mann, a Jewish man, has left the U.S. s. , pointing out that the US’s “virtually unconditional backing for the Israeli government” has “facilitated and empowered the murder and malnourishment of tens of thousands of defenseless Palestinians.”. “.”.

Mann, an accomplished 13-year U. S. For his first television interview since leaving his position, an Army veteran who worked in the Middle East bureau, sat down with Jim Axelrod, senior national correspondent for CBS News. Mann left the military on Monday after submitting his resignation in November.

Beyond six U.S. s. Mann is the first public resignation from the military and intelligence community in opposition to US support for Israel’s war. Other government officials have also publicly resigned in protest.

“I know people are upset that I talked about this, but I didn’t think I had much of an option,” Mann said to Axelrod.

Mann was assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency, an official with the agency confirmed to CBS News. The official stated, “As with other employers, employee resignations are a regular occurrence at DIA, and employees resign their positions for any number of reasons and motivations.”.

According to Mann, “CBS Mornings”. S. weapons, implying that Israel has been targeting Palestinian civilians without distinction since it started reacting to Hamas’ October 30 attacks. 7 attack and the ongoing apprehension of Jewish captives.

Mann said, “I don’t know how you kill 35,000 civilians by accident.”.

“Never again,” the rallying cry for Jews after the Holocaust, does not, in Mann’s opinion, justify Israel’s current response. Mann is the grandson of Jews who left the antisemitism of Eastern Europe.

Mann said, “They’re not responding in a way that is productive for the security of the state of Israel or Jews worldwide.”. “I can state with confidence that there has been some ethnic cleansing. Nothing about it seems like it should happen again. “.

Mann stated that “you should be fighting for [Israel] to wind down the war, to conduct it in a way that does not basically turn the whole world against them if you are somebody who is really motivated by the concern to protect Jewish life.”. That is detrimental to Israel’s security, both now and in the future. “.

After the Biden administration’s assessment was made public in May, Mann made the decision to resign. The assessment found instances in which Israel’s actions violated “international humanitarian law,” but the administration concluded that U.S. s. Assistance would not be stopped.

Mann remarks, “That justification struck me as being very weak.”.

The Israeli air and ground operations in Gaza are thought to have killed over 36,000 people, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry, which is run by Hamas. However, this figure has not been independently verified. Confirmation of the casualties is being worked on by the UN. According to the IDF, about 15,000 Hamas militants have perished in Gaza.

This report was made possible by Sheena Samu.

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