The threat of severe storms from Missouri to Texas prompted calls to take cover

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A tornado outbreak in Oklahoma caused damage and prompted calls to take cover as severe tornado-spawning storms threatened more twisters, heavy rain and large hail from Missouri to Texas Sunday.
Multiple large and extremely dangerous tornadoes were reported on the ground simultaneously overnight across parts of Oklahoma, according to the National Weather Service.
!” the weather service in Norman warned.
In addition to the tornadoes, storms are bringing heavy rainfall that could exacerbate the life-threatening situation.
Flash flood warnings were in effect in Texas, including in Dallas, Johnson, Parker and Tarrant counties, through Sunday morning, according to the weather service.
“In addition to the severe weather, intense rainfall rates are expected to accompany these thunderstorms at times, leading to a moderate to locally high potential of flash flooding,” the National Weather Service said.
“Nebraskans are no strangers to severe weather and, as they have countless times before, Nebraskans will help Nebraskans to rebuild,” the governor said in a post on X.
A large tornado was reported in the small city of Minden in Pottawattamie County, according to the National Weather Service.


As strong storms that were capable of producing tornadoes threatened to produce more twisters, heavy rain, and large hail from Missouri to Texas on Sunday, an outbreak of tornadoes in Oklahoma caused damage and prompted calls to seek shelter.

The National Weather Service reports that during the course of the night, numerous large and extremely dangerous tornadoes were recorded on the ground throughout portions of Oklahoma.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management, there were reports of flooding, downed power lines, fallen trees, and injuries throughout multiple counties on Saturday night. Early on Sunday, it was unknown how much damage had been done.

A flood warning was issued for the city of Sulphur, which is located more than 80 miles away from Oklahoma City, and saw incidents and injuries from what appears to have been at least two large tornadoes overnight.

“South of Sulphur, a sizable and incredibly dangerous tornado was traveling 35 mph toward the north. According to the Norman weather service, first responders must get ready for any additional tornado impacts right away.

As communities in Nebraska and Iowa assess the damage the storms have already caused, nearly 47 million people are at risk of severe weather on Sunday, extending from east Texas northward into the upper Mississippi River Valley.

As storms move eastward across the southern Plains, strong tornadoes could affect cities like Wichita and Topeka in Kansas, Dallas and Austin in Texas, Oklahoma City and Tulsa in Oklahoma, and the Kansas City metropolitan area.

From Texas to southern Wisconsin, a distance of more than 800 miles, more than 7 million people were under tornado watch as of early Sunday. The watch regions should end between three in the morning. me. additionally to 7 a. m. Connecticut.

In addition to a sighting just east of Tinker Air Force Base, the weather service reported two tornadoes crossing Oklahoma’s Highway 9 between Goldsby and Blanchard at the same time late Saturday. Additionally, the University of Oklahoma issued a warning to its staff and students to “Seek shelter NOW inside the building you are in” as a tornado made its way toward Norman. Go to the interior room or the lowest floor. “.

Officials announced on Facebook that Oklahoma’s emergency operations center was opened on Saturday. Kevin Stitt. “Be mindful of the weather and be prepared for where to seek shelter in the event of a severe storm in your area,” he advised the locals.

Storms are bringing with them heavy rainfall in addition to tornadoes, which could make the situation even more dangerous.

The weather service reported that flash flood warnings remained in effect through Sunday morning throughout Texas, including Tarrant, Dallas, Johnson, and Parker counties. It has already dropped in these areas by at least two to four inches.

From eastern Texas to southern Missouri, including Shreveport, Little Rock, and Springfield, the Storm Prediction Center upgraded the severity of the storm threat for Sunday to a level 3 of 5. A level 2 of 5 severe storm threat is in effect for communities in southern Iowa and southeast Texas.

It is anticipated that erratic weather will persist into Monday throughout the country’s middle region.

The National Weather Service stated that “intense rainfall rates are expected to accompany these thunderstorms at times, in addition to the severe weather, leading to a moderate to locally high potential of flash flooding.”.

On Friday and Saturday, dozens of tornado reports were made in at least six states due to storm activity. Communities in Nebraska and Iowa saw pictures of their homes destroyed and covered in debris.

In Iowa and Nebraska, tornadoes cause havoc.

Jason Sunday, an Omaha native, told CNN affiliate KETV that he and his family had only been in their new Elkhorn house for 30 days when a tornado struck like a “freight train.”.

He hid in his house on Friday as the tornado was moving in.

Sunday told KETV, “We were in the downstairs bathtub, and it was just like the movie said—it was like a freight train.”. And because there was a loud pop and sucking motion, you could tell the roof was falling off. I found it to be rather frightening. “.

The family now has to rebuild their new home because of the extensive damage the tornado caused.

“We are grateful for our lives. Sunday expressed her gratitude.

Similar to Sunday, a large number of people in Omaha and Nebraska are coping with severe property damage following several confirmed tornado strikes on Friday.

One of the hardest-hit neighborhoods is Elkhorn in Omaha, Nebraska. Nebraska Gov. It’s a miracle there were no fatalities, Jim Pillen told reporters on Saturday.

“The governor wrote on X that Nebraskans will assist fellow Nebraskans in rebuilding, as they have done innumerable times in the past when faced with severe weather.”.

According to Chris Franks of the National Weather Service, one of the tornadoes that struck Douglas County had winds as high as 135 mph and was initially rated as an EF-3. He said that it looked like an EF-2 was the other, which crashed into Omaha’s airport.

A tornado that ripped off roofs from homes on the outskirts of Lincoln, Nebraska, also crossed a portion of Interstate 80. A railroad representative stated that several cars of a train that was hit by a tornado near Waverly derailed.

About 120 houses and businesses in Pottawattamie County, Iowa, sustained damage, according to county emergency management officials.

The National Weather Service reported a large tornado in Pottawattamie County near the small town of Minden. CNN was able to obtain footage that depicts the destruction caused by broken buildings and scattered debris.

In at least five states, there were over 80 reports of tornadoes on Friday alone. Numerous of these reports have been verified by the weather service or through video footage captured by storm chasers.

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