The suspect in the sword attack appeared in court

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LONDON — A man accused of brandishing a sword in a rampage in London that killed a teenage boy, severely injured two police officers and wounded two men appeared in court Thursday to face charges of murder and attempted murder.
Prosecutor David Burns said Monzo crashed his van in Hainault before 7 a.m. Tuesday, striking a man.
He then got out of the van and told the man he would kill him before cutting his neck.
He shouted about believing in God and attacked the girl’s father, wounding his neck and arm.
Monzo then ambushed Anjorin, slashing his neck and stabbing him in the chest as he lay on the ground.
When police officers arrived and tried to help the boy, Monzo jumped from bushes and bolted, Burns said.
The officers gave chase and Monzo lunged at a female constable, who received “horrifically serious injuries,” police Commissioner Mark Rowley told LBC Radio.
Reinforcements from the force later cornered Monzo and used a stun gun to subdue him and take him into custody.


LONDON — A man turned up in court on Thursday to answer to charges of murder and attempted murder. The man is suspected of brandishing a sword during a rampage in London that left a teenage boy dead and two police officers seriously injured.

Daniel Anjorin,14, was killed Tuesday morning while walking to school in a northeast London suburb. Marcus Arduini Monzo,36, who holds dual citizenship with both Spain and Brazil, is accused of murder.

Monzo crashed his van in Hainault prior to seven in the morning, according to prosecutor David Burns. m. hitting a man on Tuesday.

After exiting the van, he threatened to kill the man and then chop off his neck.

Then he broke into a neighboring house where a couple and their 4-year-old daughter were asleep.

He yelled that he believed in God and proceeded to attack the father of the girl, causing injuries to his neck and arm.

Then, while Anjorin was lying on the ground, Monzo ambushed him, slashing his neck and stabbing him in the chest.

Monzo jumped from bushes and fled when police officers showed up and attempted to assist the boy, according to Burns.

Police Commissioner Mark Rowley told LBC Radio that Monzo lunged at a female constable, inflicting “horrifically serious injuries.” The officers pursued Monzo.

Surgeons “basically put her arm back together” over the course of hours, Rowley admitted, adding that the officer almost lost a hand. “.

Throughout the altercation, the female officer’s companion also sustained severe hand and arm injuries.

Later, Monzo found himself surrounded by resupplied forces, who subdued him and took him into custody using a stun gun.

According to police, the incident did not seem to be targeted and was not considered to be related to terrorism.

Monzo did not enter a plea in Westminster Magistrates’ Court and was detained while sporting a gray sweatsuit and holding his injured left arm across his chest.

Tuesday was set aside for another hearing at the Old Bailey, the Central Criminal Court.

Along with two counts of attempted murder and one count of grievous bodily harm, he is also accused of one count of aggravated burglary and one count of possessing a weapon.

Following a campaign in which crime and public confidence in the capital’s police force were prominent themes, the court appearance occurred as London voters headed to the polls to choose their mayor and local council members.

The Metropolitan Police Service’s Rowley praised his officers for venturing into danger.

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