The students were suspended in the US protest

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DUBAI, May 3 (Reuters) – Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthi militia, which has disrupted global shipping to display its support for Palestinians in the Gaza conflict, is now offering a place for students suspended from U.S. universities after staging anti-Israeli protests.
Students have rallied or set up tents at dozens of campuses in the United States in recent days to protest against Israel’s war in Gaza, now in its seventh month.
Many of the schools, including Ivy League Columbia University in New York City, have called in police to quell the protests.
“We are serious about welcoming students that have been suspended from U.S. universities for supporting Palestinians,” an official at Sanaa University, which is run by the Houthis, told Reuters.
Sanaa University had issued a statement applauding the “humanitarian” position of the students in the United States and said they could continue their studies in Yemen.
The U.S. and Britain returned the Houthi militia to a list of terrorist groups this year as their attacks on vessels in and around the Red Sea hurt global economies.
The Houthi’s offer of an education for U.S. students sparked a wave of sarcasm by ordinary Yemenis on social media.
He described the scene as American students during their fifth year at Sanaa University.


DUBAI, May 3 (Reuters)-The Houthi militia in Yemen, which is allied with Iran and has interfered with international shipping to show support for the Palestinians in the Gaza conflict, is now providing housing for students barred from U.S. universities. S. universities following demonstrations against Israel.

In recent days, students have protested against Israel’s seven-month-long war in Gaza by holding rallies or erecting tents on dozens of US campuses.

Protesters have urged schools to divest from businesses that support Israel’s government and urged President Joe Biden, who has defended Israel’s right to self-defense, to take more action to halt the carnage in Gaza.

To put an end to the protests, numerous schools—including the prestigious Columbia University in New York City—have called in the police.

“We sincerely welcome students who have been placed on academic suspension from U. S. colleges for assisting Palestinians,” a Houthi-run official at Sanaa University told Reuters. “We are using every tool at our disposal to combat Palestine in this war. “.

Sanaa University had released a statement praising the students’ “humanitarian” stance in the US and stating that they were welcome to pursue their education in Yemen.

“What scholars and U.S. students have said is denounced by the university board. s. and European universities are facing suppression of freedom of expression,” the university’s board stated in a statement that provided an email address for any students interested in accepting their offer.

The US. s. because of the Houthi militia’s attacks on ships in and around the Red Sea, which have harmed international economies, Britain added the group back to its list of terrorist organizations this year.

The Houthi’s proposal for U to attend school. s. Students ignited a social media sarcasm frenzy among regular Yemenis. A photo of two Westerners chewing Yemen’s popular narcotic leaf, Qat, was shared on social media. He characterized the situation as that of fifth-year American Sanaa University students.

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Mohammed Ghobari reported; Michael Georgy and Maha El Dahan wrote the articles; Alex Richardson edited them.

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