The states with the highest property taxes are listed on the map

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the typical American pays 1.02% of their home’s value in property taxes a year.
Between 2019 and 2023, the median value of annual property taxes increased nearly 25%, according to an analysis from CoreLogic, a property industry analytics firm.
Property taxes fund public schools and pay for other other programs like infrastructure repairs and policing.
A portion of your monthly mortgage payment goes to property taxes, so if you’re on a tight budget, higher property taxes can make saving money more difficult.
Property taxes vary by state Property taxes are hyperlocal – a similar house in your neighborhood could have a higher or lower tax burden just because of its location.
Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts rounded out the top five states with the most expensive median property tax bill.
The variance in property taxes by state reflect differences in home values and individual state property tax rates.
See how much homeowners pay for property taxes in your state: Yanling Mayer, principal economist at CoreLogic wrote last month that “states calculate property taxes differently by municipalities, as home prices and rates can vary greatly locally.


Which side of the city, district, or county line a homeowner lives on can have a significant impact on the amount of property taxes they pay. As per the U.S. s. According to the Census Bureau, the average American pays property taxes equal to 1.02% of the value of their home annually.

Nationwide, property taxes have gone up since the pandemic began. The median annual property tax value increased by almost 25% between 2019 and 2023, per a report by real estate analytics company CoreLogic.

In addition to funding public schools, property taxes also support other initiatives like law enforcement and infrastructure maintenance. Higher property taxes can make saving money more challenging if you’re on a tight budget because they take a bite out of your monthly mortgage payment.

Each state has different property taxes.

Property taxes are hyperlocal; depending only on where it is located, a comparable home in your neighborhood may have higher or lower property taxes. Property taxes are levied in certain states, but they are typically applied at the county, city, or district levels.

In terms of single-family home median property tax bills in 2023, New Jersey led the pack. The remaining five states with the highest median property tax bills were Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. West Virginia homeowners paid the least in property taxes annually, an average of $694.

Different state property tax rates and home values are reflected in the variation in property taxes by state.

Check the amount that homeowners in your state must pay in property taxes:.

The principal economist at CoreLogic, Yanling Mayer, stated in a piece published last month that “because local home prices and rates can differ significantly, states compute property taxes differently by municipalities.”.

According to Mayer, “the average annual property taxes in West Virginia, for instance, range from roughly $210 in McDowell and Webster counties to about $1,856 in Jefferson County.”. “In 2023, the average property taxes in New Jersey ranged from $4,590 in Cumberland County to approximately $11,350 in Essex and Bergen counties.”. ****.

Property taxes are highest in these counties.

According to a different CoreLogic analysis, Westchester County, New York, had the highest average property tax payment last year, with a median value of $15,373.

Thirteen out of the fifteen counties that had the highest property tax bills in 2023 were located in the greater New York City area, which includes neighboring cities and suburbs.

Check your county’s property values.

The location of a home plays a significant role in determining its value for the approximately two-thirds of American homeowners. Many households consider their homes to be their most valuable financial asset, and determining a home’s value can aid in purchasing or selling decisions.

View each U.S. city’s median home value. s. county:.

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