The sentencing of the parents sets a dangerous precedent, warns the survivor

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A Columbine High School shooting survivor warned the prison sentences for Michigan high school shooter Ethan Crumbley’s parents set a “dangerous precedent” by removing responsibility from the criminal, who “knew what he was doing.”
“I think that it removes responsibility out of the hands of this teenager,” Craig Scott said Wednesday on “Fox & Friends.”
And now they’re giving 10 to 15 years to the parents… and I think it’s wrong.”
Scott, responding to a question concerning allegations that Ethan’s parents ignored warning signs about their son, said the sentencing could make parents more “cautious,” but the method is still problematic.
Ultimately, it was his decision that he was making, and he knew what he was doing was wrong,” he said.
“She was a special education teacher, a wonderful person, and she had no idea [the shooting would happen].
She saw the volatile anger issues, but she could have never predicted what her son was going to do.”
Scott added if Ethan Crumbley’s parents had foreseen his crime, they wouldn’t have bought him a gun as a Christmas present, referencing the firearm the family purchased for him shortly before the shooting occurred.


The prison terms for the parents of Michigan high school shooter Ethan Crumbley set a “dangerous precedent,” according to a survivor of the Columbine High School shooting, because they absolved the offender of responsibility even though they “knew what he was doing.”. ****.

Craig Scott stated on “Fox and Friends” on Wednesday, “I think it takes responsibility out of this teenager’s hands.”. “.

“I work with emotional resilience and try to change school cultures and students’ lives by encouraging kindness and resilience. I believe it is a bad and dangerous precedent to place the blame on a teenager who knew what he was doing was wrong. I speak at many schools across the nation. The reason he wanted to be notorious was sinister. I believe it is incorrect that they are now offering the parents 10 to 15 years. ****.

In a Michigan school shooting, Jennifer and James Crumbley received sentences.

In the United States, Jennifer and James Crumbley became the first parents. s. to be held criminally liable for a mass shooting that their child carried out, prompting many to wonder what effect the historic sentence might have on similar cases involving minors in the future.

In November 2021, their 15-year-old son Ethan committed the murders at Oxford High School in Michigan, killing four people and wounding seven more before being taken into custody.

Prosecutors claimed the Crumbleys could have stopped the shooting when they visited the school to speak with counselors about some unsettling material that Ethan had drawn in class on the day of the shooting.


Following the conviction of Jennifer and James on four counts of manslaughter related to Ethan’s crime by two different juries, they were sentenced to 10 to 15 years in prison on Tuesday.

In response to a query about claims that Ethan’s parents disregarded warning indicators about their son, Scott stated that while the sentence may encourage parents to be more “cautious,” the process remains flawed.

“This adolescent acknowledged in court that he frequently lied. He was lying to everyone in his vicinity, including his parents. In the end, he was the one making the decision, and he was aware that what he was doing was wrong,” he stated.

Though there are a lot of people who might be vulnerable to criticism for the choices made by others, I do believe that it will make parents more watchful. “.

EARLIER THAN THE SHOOTING DAY, ETHAN CRUMBLEY’S MOTHER JENNIFER SENT ominous text messages that included the phrase “he can’t be left alone.”.

One of the thirteen people slain in the Columbine High School massacre in April 1999 by students Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris was Scott’s sister Ryanne.

Scott replied, “Hindsight is 20/20,” in response to a question about whether there were any indicators that the two gunmen would shoot their classmates. “.”.

He went on, “My family and my mother are now friends with the mother of one of the shooters.”.

She wasn’t aware that [the shooting] would occur, despite being a wonderful person and special education teacher. She observed the gloom. She observed the mental health problems. Although she was aware of her son’s erratic anger management problems, she could never have predicted what he would do. ****.

Scott went on to say that if Ethan Crumbley’s parents had known about his criminal activity, they would not have given him a gun for Christmas, alluding to the weapon the family had bought him just before the shooting.

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