The school shifted classes to remote for the week and 43 protesters were arrested

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WESTWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — UCLA is shifting all classes this week to remote learning after more protesters were arrested on campus early Monday.
Forty-three protesters were arrested on the third floor of a UCLA parking structure for “conspiracy to commit burglary,” authorities said Monday.
But the school announced classes will be held remotely as the demonstrations continue.
Earlier in the day the school announced that just classes and work at Moore Hall would be remote.
But by the afternoon the decision was announced to have all classes held remote for the entire week.
“Due to ongoing disruption, the campus has returned to limited operational status,” the school announced in a BruinAlert.
Protesters also held a sit-in at Dodd Hall, chanting “Free Palestine” according to the student-run newspaper The Daily Bruin.
This follows a week chaotic week of protests on campus.


WESTWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC)—UCLA is switching to remote learning for all classes this week in response to the early Monday arrests of more demonstrators.

Authorities announced on Monday that 43 demonstrators had been taken into custody for “conspiracy to commit burglary” on the third floor of a parking structure at UCLA.

Dozens of individuals were restrained with zip ties, as captured on camera from the event.

“We insist on their release from custody, arrest, or whatever term they choose to use. “I think that’s outrageous that they can’t leave and that we, as faculty and as their legal representative and criminal defense attorney, cannot speak with them at this time,” said Graeme Blair, an associate professor of political science.

The group would, in fact, be released soon after they are processed, according to police officials.

“As of right now, the charge is misdemeanor section, conspiracy to commit burglary,” Lt. Richard Davis from the University of Central Pennsylvania. “That implies that they will accompany the sheriff, undergo processing, receive a citation, and subsequently be released.”. “.”.

In addition, roughly fifty individuals participated in a sit-in at Moore Hall on campus.

Students from UCLA were supposed to return to campus today in preparation for their midterm exams. However, the school declared that while the demonstrations go on, classes will be conducted virtually.

As Allyn Beltran, a UCLA student, put it, “Remote is kind of challenging.”. “It affects us a little, especially now that we are taking midterms. However, it’s not too horrible. The instructors are still making an effort to instruct us and cover the subject. “.

Only classes and work at Moore Hall would be conducted virtually, the school had announced earlier in the day. By afternoon, however, it was decided to hold all of the classes virtually for the entire week.

Powell Library and Royce Hall would stay closed all week.

The university issued a BruinAlert stating, “Due to ongoing disruption, the campus has returned to limited operational status.”. Therefore, classes will be remotely held from May 6–10 in accordance with Senate guidance. Supervisors should be consulted by staff members who are able to work remotely. Whenever possible, events and research projects should be conducted remotely or rescheduled. “.

Additionally, the school stated that “to further encourage safety, law enforcement is stationed throughout campus. “.”.

Additionally, according to the student-run newspaper The Daily Bruin, protesters staged a sit-in at Dodd Hall while chanting “Free Palestine.”.

This comes after a tumultuous week of demonstrations on campus. Before police intervened, there were hours of clashes between opposing groups in the demonstration area on Tuesday. Later in the week, the encampment was finally cleared, and on Thursday, more than 200 people were taken into custody.

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