The San Diego Zoo is getting two giant pandas from China

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Topline Authorities in China are preparing to send a pair of giant pandas to the San Diego Zoo, resuming the symbolic “panda diplomacy” after the practice was hampered amid tensions between Beijing and Washington.
The Memphis Zoo and the National Zoo in Washington D.C. returned their pandas to China last year after their loan agreement for keeping the animals was not renewed.
The four pandas in Zoo Atlanta are currently the only ones remaining in the U.S. but their loan agreement will expire later this year.
Key Backround Pandas have played a symbolic role in U.S.-China diplomacy since formal ties between the two countries were established in 1972.
But questions about the survival of the so-called “panda diplomacy” have been raised over the past few years as ties between the two countries have deteriorated.
However, during his visit to San Francisco last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping hinted at the continuation of this gesture, saying: “Pandas have long been envoys of friendship between the Chinese and American peoples.
That is the total population of giant pandas remaining in the wild, according to the World Wildlife Fund.
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China’s authorities are getting ready to send two enormous pandas to the San Diego Zoo, resuming the symbolic “panda diplomacy” that was impeded by tensions between Beijing and Washington.

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How many pandas call the United States home. S. During the past few years, zoos have drastically decreased as tensions between China and the U.S. s. The National Zoo in Washington, DC, and the Memphis Zoo. Last year, when their loan agreement to keep the pandas was not renewed, they returned the animals to China. There are only four pandas left in the United States, and they are housed in Zoo Atlanta. S. Yet later this year, their loan arrangement will end.

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Pandas are symbolic in U.S. culture. S. -China diplomacy since the two nations’ formal relations were formed in 1972. The U.S. received the first shipment of pandas. s. shortly after the visit of President Richard Nixon in that year, and multiple additional ones were dispatched to different U. S. over the ensuing ten years, typically under 10-year agreements, to zoos. Yet as relations between the two nations have deteriorated over the past few years, concerns have been raised about the sustainability of the so-called “panda diplomacy.”. But Chinese President Xi Jinping alluded to the continuation of this gesture last year when he visited San Francisco, saying, “Pandas have long been envoys of friendship between the Chinese and American peoples.”. In order to conserve pandas, we are prepared to carry on working with the United States. “.

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Despite improvements in their conservation status, the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance stated that “much work remains to ensure that giant pandas remain on the path to recovery with healthy populations and flourishing ecosystems.”.

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1.800. According to the World Wildlife Fund, that is the entire population of giant pandas that are still living in the wild. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has listed the animals on its red list of vulnerable species, classifying them as “vulnerable.”.

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The President of China Reminds Us That Pandas Might Return. s. As stated by Forbes.

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