The retirement rumors have been put to rest by the candidacy of the Liberal icon, the senator from Vermont, who is running for reelection


Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont announced Monday he will run for reelection this year, squelching speculation that the 82-year-old progressive icon might retire at a time when the Democratic Party is anxious about the advancing age of its top leaders.
Hailing from a Democratic stronghold, Sanders’ decision virtually guarantees that he will return to Washington for a fourth Senate term.
And his announcement comes at a critical moment for Democrats as the party navigates a growing divide over Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza.
Sanders said he wants the war in Gaza ended immediately, massive humanitarian aid to follow and no more money sent to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
“We are living in a complicated and difficult political moment,” Sanders told The Associated Press on Monday.
He was a Democratic congressman for 16 years and still caucuses with the Democrats.
He sought the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016 and 2020.
He said a year ago that he would forgo another presidential bid and endorse Biden’s reelection this year.


Sen. The 82-year-old progressive icon Bernie Sanders of Vermont declared on Monday that he would run for reelection this year, allaying rumors that he might step down at a time when the Democratic Party is experiencing concerns about the aging of its top leaders.

Sanders’ choice essentially ensures that he will serve a fourth Senate term, coming from a Democratic stronghold. Furthermore, as the Democratic Party navigates a widening rift over Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza, his announcement comes at a crucial time.

Sanders has voiced concerns about how President Joe Biden is managing the U.S. s. relationship with Israel even as he has praised a large portion of Biden’s domestic agenda in front of what may prove to be a challenging reelection battle for Biden against front-runner Donald Trump of the GOP.

Sanders declared that he wants the war in Gaza to end right away, that there should be a large-scale humanitarian aid effort, and that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should not receive any more funding.

Sanders told The Associated Press on Monday that “we are living in a complicated and difficult political moment.”. “In regards to the Gaza War, I vehemently disagree with Biden. “.

In his own words, at home, the presidential race is between Biden and Trump, and “I think that Donald Trump is the most dangerous president and has always been the most dangerous president in American history.”. “.

Sanders framed his campaign to return to the Senate as being motivated by worries about the future of democracy in the United States given the possibility of Trump’s potential return to the White House. s. The 2024 election, he claimed in an announcement video, “is the most consequential election in our lifetimes” in many respects. “.

He questioned whether democracy would even be practiced in the US or if an authoritarian system of governance would take over. He questioned whether the nation would be able to reverse “the unprecedented level of income and wealth inequality” and establish an inclusive government rather than one that is controlled by powerful campaign donors.

Sanders, who is well-known for his liberal views and tough exterior, has been remarkably steady in his 40 years in politics, supporting policies such as government-funded health care, higher taxes on the rich, less military action, and significant efforts to combat climate change. In addition, he has dedicated his professional life to holding business leaders accountable; as chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, he has greater authority to do so.

Sanders holds an independent position. Still a member of the Democratic caucus, he served as a congressman for 16 years.

2020 and 2016 saw him run for the Democratic presidential nomination. He declared a year ago that he would support Biden’s reelection this year and forgo making another run for the presidency.

In a review of his roles as the head of the significant Senate committee, a member of the Democratic leadership team in the chamber, and a senior member of numerous other committees, Sanders stated, “I have been, and will be, if re-elected, in a strong position to provide the kind of help that Vermonters need in these difficult times.”


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