The Paris university campus building has been peacefully evacuated by pro-Palestinian students

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PARIS (AP) — Students in Paris inspired by Gaza solidarity encampments at campuses in the United States peacefully evacuated a campus building at a prestigious French university late on Friday after days of tensions.
The head of the Paris Institute of Political Studies, known as Sciences Po, said an agreement was found Friday with students.
Sciences Po counts President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Gabriel Attal among its many famous alumni.
Tensions had break out on the campus as pro-Palestinian students sought to occupy an amphitheater earlier this week.
On Friday, pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli demonstrators faced each other in a tense standoff in the street outside the school.
Pro-Palestinian protester and Sciences Po student Wajih, who declined to give his last name for fear of disciplinary sanctions by the university, said “the occupation has paused for now.
In return, students “committed to no longer disrupting courses, examinations and all other activities of the institution,” the email said.
The university administration closed all university buildings and moved classes online Friday.


After days of tension, students at a prestigious French university in Paris, motivated by Gaza solidarity encampments on American campuses, peacefully evacuated a campus building late on Friday.

An understanding with the students was reached on Friday, according to the director of Sciences Po, the Paris Institute of Political Studies. Among the many well-known graduates of Sciences Po are Prime Minister Gabriel Attal and President Emmanuel Macron.

Earlier this week, pro-Palestinian students attempted to take over an amphitheater on campus, which resulted in tense situations.

There was a heated standoff between pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian protestors on the street outside the school on Friday. Police on riot duty intervened to keep the rival factions apart.

Afterwards, the students consented to depart from the location.

Students at Sciences Po who support Palestine, Wajih, said that the occupation has temporarily stopped. He would not reveal his last name out of concern for facing disciplinary action from the university. Nonetheless, until Palestine is free, we will continue to support the global Palestinian movement as well as other universities and countries around the world. “.

Administrator Jean Bassères of Sciences Po promised on Friday to host a town hall meeting the following week and to halt certain disciplinary actions against students in an email to students. Under the terms of the email, students agreed to refrain from interfering with classes, exams, or any other institution-related activities in exchange.

On Friday, the university administration shifted classes to an online format and closed all university buildings.

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