The owner of Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks spoke about the impact of Atlanta water main breaks on small businesses

ATLANTA — As crews continue their work to try and get the water crisis under control, businesses say they’re losing money for each minute it takes.
Small business owners added they have lost tens of thousands of dollars.
On Monday, parking was packed outside Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks downtown off Forsyth Street NW, but it wasn’t customers taking up the spots.
Restoration trucks lined the streets where the Atlanta water main break forced dozens of businesses to close down.
He advocates for small business owners and is asking the Atlanta City Council to establish a $5 million relief fund for people who lost money due to the water main breaks.
“This time and in future instances because we know that our water and sewer are aging.
Hayes added small business owners need all the help they can get to get customers back through the doors.
“Because if we all don’t win together, we are all going to lose as one, the same way we’re winning.


ATLANTA – Businesses claim they are losing money for every minute that crews spend trying to contain the water crisis.

They have lost tens of thousands of dollars, small business owners added.

The downtown Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks off of Forsyth Street NW had a full parking lot on Monday, but the spaces weren’t being taken by patrons.

There are issues that need to be resolved. Owner Derrick Hayes remarked, “It’s a heavy load.”.

A break in the Atlanta water main caused numerous businesses to close, and restoration trucks were parked along the affected streets.

According to Hayes, there is terrible damage within his flagship restaurant.

Hayes reported, “Water was dripping out of the ceiling and the walls.”. “The floor is beginning to give way. It is very wet in this place. “.

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To make sure they don’t lose their jobs while the restaurant is closed, Hayes is paying his staff to assist in cleaning up the damage.

That’s what matters most to me. I have concern for my staff. He declared, “I don’t want my workers to miss out on wages for an hour, a day, or a minute.

Hayes says they won’t be able to reopen the downtown location for weeks, and he will lose tens of thousands of dollars in revenue even with workers working nonstop to repair the damage.

“The Black Futurist Group’s Managing Director, Devin Barrington-Ward, stated that every single business owner he has spoken to who had their doors closed or who saw less business traffic over the weekend has said the same thing, that they’ve lost out on tens of thousands of dollars.”.

He is running a $5 million relief fund for those who lost money as a result of the water main breaks, and he is advocating for small business owners before the Atlanta City Council.

“We are aware that our water and sewer systems are getting older, so this time and in the future. Therefore, the question is not whether this will occur again. When will be the matter,” he remarked.

Small business owners, according to Hayes, require all the assistance they can get to entice customers back through their doors.

“Because the same way we’re winning, if we don’t win together, we’re all going to lose as one. Hayes said, “I propose that we remain united and overcome this.

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