The Mexican president released footage of a raid on the embassy

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The Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has condemned what he described as a “despicable authoritarian” assault on his country’s embassy in Quito and released dramatic images showing Ecuadorian security forces dragging the country’s former vice-president from the building.
Jorge Glas, Ecuador’s vice-president from 2013 until 2018, sought shelter at the Mexican mission in December claiming he was suffering political persecution.
But the 54-year-old politician was arrested there on Friday after Ecuador’s president, Daniel Noboa, took the extraordinary step of ordering a raid on the embassy.
On Tuesday, Mexican authorities released footage from security cameras laying bare the drama of the late-night assault.
In the images black-clad police operatives can be seen swarming into Mexico’s supposedly protected diplomatic headquarters after several armed agents scaled the outer wall.
“Mexico demands respect,” López Obrador told his daily morning press conference as the images were made public.
Chile’s president, Gabriel Boric, condemned an “unacceptable infringement” of Mexican sovereignty.
But López Obrador, who is widely known as Amlo, criticised what he called the “noncommittal” US reaction to Ecuador’s “authoritarian act”, noting that Joe Biden had not spoken out himself.


Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, the president of Mexico, denounced the attack on his nation’s embassy in Quito as a “despicable authoritarian” act and shared striking photos of Ecuadorian security forces pulling the nation’s former vice president from the structure.

The vice president of Ecuador from 2013 to 2018, Jorge Glas, requested asylum at the Mexican mission in December, citing political persecution as his reason. But on Friday, the extraordinary action of ordering a raid on the embassy by Daniel Noboa, the president of Ecuador, resulted in the 54-year-old politician’s arrest there.

Security camera footage that revealed the drama of the late-night attack was made public by Mexican authorities on Tuesday.

After multiple armed agents scaled the outer wall, black-clad police agents are seen flooding into Mexico’s ostensibly secure diplomatic headquarters.

As the Mexican diplomat stands in the library, officers are seen fighting with him and pointing a gun at Roberto Canseco, the deputy chief of mission.

At precisely 10:15 p.m., four agents drag Glas out of the building while a riot shield-wielding policeman shoves Canseco aside. As Glas gets driven off, Canseco is taken to the ground and physically assaulted once more outside the structure.

As the photos became public, López Obrador declared during his daily morning press conference that “Mexico demands respect.”.

Governments in Europe and North America, as well as the left and right in Latin America, denounced the embassy invasion, which was widely viewed as a breach of international law safeguarding diplomatic installations. It also created a significant political uproar. The president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, denounced what he called a “unacceptable infringement” on Mexican sovereignty. UN Secretary-General António Guterres expressed concern.

The US State Department denounced “any violation of the Vienna convention on diplomatic relations, and takes very seriously the obligation of host countries under international law to respect the inviolability of diplomatic missions,” according to a spokesperson for the department on Saturday.

However, Amlo, also known as López Obrador, took issue with what he described as the US’s “noncommittal” response to Ecuador’s “authoritarian act,” pointing out that Joe Biden had not voiced his own opinion.

The video was made public, according to Mexico’s foreign ministry, to condemn the world for “the abuses suffered by our diplomatic staff” and Ecuador’s “unauthorized and violent break-in.”.

“Mexico will bring these violations of international law to the international courts and tribunals with the support of friendly countries,” the ministry tweeted. “The world witnessed the violence, abuse, and mistreatment of our Mexican personnel at the hands of the Ecuadorian police, and the violation of the immunity of our embassy in Ecuador.”. “.

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