The man is charged in the death and dismemberment of a missing Milwaukee woman

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The evening before, Robinson had planned a first date with Maxwell Anderson, 33, at a local seafood restaurant, according to a criminal complaint against Anderson.
He is now facing charges of homicide, mutilation of a corpse, and arson in connection with Robinson’s death.
A harrowing trail of evidence The restaurant closed for three days during the search for Robinson, and authorities discovered a grisly set of clues.
The morning after her date with Anderson, Robinson’s vehicle was discovered on fire.
The 2020 Civic had sustained “extreme fire damage completely damaging the interior,” according to the criminal complaint.
Suspect faces homicide and mutilation charges On Friday, Wisconsin authorities charged Anderson with first-degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse, and arson of property other than a building.
The complaint details evidence police say ties Anderson to the crimes, including surveillance video, witness accounts and phone records.
The complaint says evidence led authorities to conclude Robinson was dead.


Coworkers at a Wisconsin pizza restaurant noticed something wasn’t right when 19-year-old Sade Robinson failed to show up for her shift on April 2.

According to a criminal complaint against Anderson, Robinson had arranged for the 33-year-old Anderson to meet him for the first time at a nearby seafood restaurant the previous evening. He is currently being prosecuted for the murder, disfigurement of a corpse, and arson related to Robinson’s demise.

According to the complaint, the young college student had been anticipating the date and had even expressed her excitement to a building employee. According to the complaint, she texted Anderson that she was “feeling seafood” and went to meet him at the seafood restaurant where he used to work. She was dressed in torn jeans and a white shirt.

Robinson was an animated, gregarious presence at the Pizza Shuttle. WDJT-TV, a CNN affiliate, quoted Manager Justin Romano as saying of Robinson, “very outgoing, she would talk to everybody here.”. She was the one who could always lighten the mood. “.

Robinson vanished from the Pizza Shuttle on that particular day, and Romano, the manager in charge, told WDJT-TV that her absence the following day “wasn’t like her at all.”. We’d been phoning her all day, so we had a sneaking suspicion that something wasn’t right. “.

According to the criminal complaint, Robinson’s friend called the police that evening to report that she had not answered her calls or appeared at work. When police went to Robinson’s apartment to check on her welfare, they did not find her.

frightening evidence in the trail.

During Robinson’s three-day closure, the restaurant yielded a disturbing cache of clues to the authorities searching for him.

It was discovered that Robinson’s car was on fire the morning following her date with Anderson. As per the criminal complaint, the 2020 Civic exhibited “extreme fire damage completely damaging the interior”. Authorities were able to identify Robinson’s clothing from the night of the date and found a piece of her iPhone in the burned-out car despite the damage caused by the fire.

A human leg on the beach at Warnimont Park, in the Milwaukee suburb of Cudahy, appeared to be “sawn off” at the hip, according to the criminal complaint. Later that same day, police were called to the scene of another horrifying discovery. Following analysis, it was established that the leg belonged to a Black woman who stood about five feet tall. The complaint claims that initial DNA evidence allowed for its identification as Robinson’s.

Furthermore, on April 6, additional remains were discovered by police searching the area where Robinson’s car had been discovered. These remains included a human foot and “what appeared to be human flesh.”. The complaint stated that “they all seemed to originate from the same person.”.

The complaint included specifics about phone records that Robinson’s mother and a friend discovered via a location-sharing app. The pictures depict Robinson’s phone journeying from the seafood restaurant to a sports bar in the vicinity on April 1st, followed by Anderson’s residence and finally the park where the remains were found.

Suspect is charged with both mutilation and homicide.

Authorities in Wisconsin charged Anderson on Friday with mutilating a corpse, arson of property other than a building, and first-degree intentional killing. If found guilty of the murder charge, he would serve a life sentence in prison.

In the complaint, police provide evidence that they believe connects Anderson to the crimes, including phone records, witness statements, and surveillance footage. Blood and “several gasoline containers” were also discovered by the authorities in Robinson’s home.

Authorities concluded Robinson was dead based on evidence, according to the complaint.

According to the complaint, “the facts mentioned in this complaint cause Complainant to conclude that the Defendant intentionally killed and then dismembered Robinson with the intent to conceal the homicide, and it occurred between the Defendant’s departure from the Warnimont Park area and his arrival at his residence.”.

Anderson’s lawyer, Anthony Cotton, told CNN that his client “is presumed innocent and we will fight this matter vigorously in court.”. “.

Police said at a press conference on Friday that they are still looking for more of Robinson’s remains and other evidence.

Milwaukee County Sheriff Danita Ball responded, “There hasn’t been any evidence that there are any other victims,” when asked if her office was looking into other cases of missing women for potential connections. “.

Sheena Scarbrough, the mother of Robinson, described Anderson’s arrest as “justice for Sade” following his initial court appearance. “.

Robinson was referred to as “a loving daughter, a cherished sister, and a dear friend to many” in a verified GoFundMe for Robinson’s memorial service. “.

According to the fundraiser, Robinson, who is originally from Mississippi, was set to graduate from Milwaukee Area Technical College and pursue a career in criminal justice.

According to the description, “the loss of Sade has left a void in the hearts of her family, especially her grieving mother and little sister, along with other relatives, friends, and the entire community who loved and supported her.”. We want to give Sade the respectable sendoff she merits as we unite to celebrate her life. “.

Cheri Mossburg and Kara Devlin of CNN contributed to this story.

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