The Legion d’honneur was given to Wren

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Wren, 103, given Legion d’honneur by Macron 1 day ago By Victoria Cook , BBC London A British naval officer who helped draw up maps for the D-Day invasion has been awarded the Legion d’honneur by President Macron.
Christian Lamb, who is 103 and lives in London, was honoured at the commemoration event in Ver-sur-Mer, Normandy.
Mrs Lamb told the BBC: “I’m very proud of it, it’s a very unusual, unexpected treat.”
‘You had no idea’ Mrs Lamb recalled how she would be concerned when plotting maps for his ship, worried about his fate at sea.
Mrs Lamb had to keep her mapping work secret even from him until 40 years later.
As part of the planning for Operation Overlord, Mrs Lamb was stationed in Whitehall, working alone in a basement room.
Looking back, Mrs Lamb said the work was vital to the war – and to changing perceptions about the role women had in society.
When asked about the maps she drew more than 80 years ago, Mrs Lamb said: “There will be so many lives lost, but perhaps one or two saved.”


Macron awards 103-year-old Wren the Legion d’honneur.

a day back.

Victoria Cook, BBC London, author.

President Macron has bestowed the Legion d’honneur upon a British naval officer who assisted in creating maps for the D-Day invasion.

At the memorial service in Ver-sur-Mer, Normandy, London resident Christian Lamb, 103, received honors.

The celebration honors the landings’ 80th anniversary.

Mrs. Lamb expressed her pride in the unusual and unexpected treat she had received, telling the BBC. ****.

Christian Lamb was raised in a naval family; her father held the rank of admiral.

She had planned to enroll in Oxford University just before World War Two, but she had to cancel her plans and enlist in the Women’s Royal Naval Service, or Wrens, when the war broke out.

She rose to the rank of “leading wren” by the time she was 20 years old, and she quickly started working on map-plotting for ships fighting in the war.

The ship HMS Oribi was brought into port for repairs, and she was posted to Belfast.

She met Lt. John Lamb while on board, and in just ten days, they were engaged to be married.

“You were unaware,”.

Mrs. Lamb recalled how she used to worry about his safety at sea and would be concerned when she plotted maps for his ship.

He might have only had a fortnight’s leave before being killed at the end, she said, adding that it was impossible to predict the future.

Because you were unaware of what would occur, you took whatever action was necessary if something was present. “.

Following his wartime survival, her spouse started a family. Even Mrs. Lamb had to conceal her mapping work from him for forty years.

Mrs Lamb was stationed at Whitehall, working alone in a basement room as part of the preparations for Operation Overlord.

She made maps for the landing craft there, which were essential to the amphibious assault.

In order to plot every point and let approaching craft know they were at the right section of the beach, she used large Ordnance Survey maps and took pictures.

“This was going to be the most amazing, extraordinary, enormous invasion that had ever occurred in history,” she told the BBC. ****.

She said, “I had an office all to myself, completely, alone.”.

“I was being given instructions by an admiral, and he told me to draw some maps.

“We had selected five locations, and each one served as a landing spot. “.

She went on: “I was glad I got the job; it was a really exciting job, since not many people knew where they were going to land.”. “.”.

As she looked back, Mrs. Lamb said that the work had a crucial role in both transforming attitudes about women’s roles in society and the war.

“Being able to accomplish something worthwhile made me very happy. For people my age, it was helpful to an entire generation. From then on, we were free to choose our actions rather than following our mothers’ instructions. “.

Regarding the maps she drew over eight decades ago, Mrs. Lamb responded, “There will be a great deal of deaths, but maybe one or two will be saved.”. ****.

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