The largest power plant in the region was destroyed

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Russia destroyed the largest power-generating plant in Ukraine’s Kyiv region in a missile attack on Thursday, as President Volodomyr Zelensky accused the West of “turning a blind eye” to his country’s need for more air defenses.
Ukraine’s Air Force said it shot down 18 of the incoming missiles and 39 of the drones.
Russia fired 82 missiles and drones in total, including six hypersonic Kinzhal missiles – none of which Ukraine’s air defenses were able to down.
There were no casualties, and the attack has not resulted in power cuts in Ukraine’s capital region Kyiv or other regions supplied by Trypilska TPP.
The Trypilska Thermal Power Plant (TPP), the largest supplier of electricity to Kyiv, Cherkasy and Zhytomyr regions, was completely destroyed, according to the energy company Centrenergo.
The company has lost 100% of its power generation across its three plants, which have all been destroyed or occupied by Russia.
Videos on social media showed vast plumes of smoke billowing from the Trypilska plant as a fire continued to rage.
The attack on the Trypilska plant follows a recent Russian attack that destroyed the company’s plant in the Kharkiv region, Zmiivska TPP, on March 22, according to the Centrenergo statement.


On Thursday, President Volodomyr Zelensky accused the West of “turning a blind eye” to his country’s need for additional air defenses as Russia attacked the largest power-generating plant in the Kyiv region of Ukraine with missiles.

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, it downed 39 drones and 18 of the approaching missiles. The air defenses of Ukraine were unable to bring down any of the 82 missiles and drones that Russia fired, including six hypersonic Kinzhal missiles.

The attack did not cause any casualties or power outages in the Trypilska TPP-supplied regions of Ukraine, including the capital city of Kyiv.

Centernergo, an energy company, reports that the Trypilska Thermal Power Plant (TPP), the region’s main source of electricity for Kyiv, Cherkasy, and Zhytomyr, was completely destroyed. Due to Russia’s occupation or destruction of all three of the company’s plants, all three of them produced zero electricity.

“A dark day in Centernergo’s history,” a statement read. “The extent of the devastation is horrifying. Money is unable to gauge it. In the history of the business, this is the largest challenge we have faced. “.

Over the course of the more than two years of the conflict, Russia has deliberately targeted Ukraine’s energy infrastructure in an effort to bring down the nation’s power system and, with it, the morale of the Ukrainian people by depriving them of heat, water, electricity, and other necessities during the frequently bitterly cold winter months.

Videos posted on social media showed the Trypilska plant spewing massive plumes of smoke while the fire raged on.

The company’s plant in the Kharkiv region, Zmiivska TPP, was destroyed by a recent Russian attack on March 22, which coincided with the attack on the Trypilska plant, according to a statement from Centrenergo. In July 2022, Russian forces took control of Vuhlehirska TPP, the company’s third plant, located in the Donetsk region. The company’s website states that the three power plants had a combined planned capacity of 7690 MW.

The largest power company in Ukraine, DTEK, added that Russia attacked two of its power plants on Thursday with missile and drone strikes, resulting in “serious damage.”. “.

Twenty percent of Ukraine’s energy is produced by the company, which claimed to have experienced the worst attacks in the last three weeks since Russia began its full-scale invasion in 2022. Reportedly, Russian strikes had destroyed about 80% of the power-generating facilities under its management.

“Everyone in Europe, along with our allies, recognizes the vital necessity of air defense systems for Ukraine,” Zelensky declared on Thursday. “This will amount to a global license for terror,” he said, if Russia is permitted to keep attacking its energy infrastructure. “.

He declared, “We need defense assistance, not just talking about it and turning a blind eye. We need air defense systems and other systems.”.

Despite the devastation, Andriy Gota, the chairman of the Centernergo Supervisory Board, stated, “I am confident that we will manage it.”. “.

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