The historic Borsen was engulfed in flames when the stock exchange fire broke out

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“Everybody is crying at the Danish Chamber of Commerce right now.
Denmark’s National Museum sent 25 employees to the scene to help evacuate cultural artefacts and paintings, it said on X.
“We are saving everything we possibly can,” Copenhagen fire department chief Jakob Vedsted Andersen told reporters.
The historic building, whose spire was shaped as the tails of four dragons intertwined, had been under renovation and clad in scaffolding when the fire broke out.
Chamber of Commerce CEO Mikkelsen said he had received hundreds of emails from people asking how they could help.
The Dutch Renaissance-style building no longer houses the Danish stock exchange, but serves as headquarters for the Chamber of Commerce.
The spire also had three crowns at the top, symbolizing the great kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, she added.
“For generations, the characteristic dragon spire has helped to characterise Copenhagen as the ‘city of towers’.”


COPENHAGEN, April 16 (Reuters) – On Tuesday, a fire tore through the Old Stock Exchange, one of the most well-known landmarks in the Danish capital. The fire consumed the spire of the building, which then collapsed in a scene that was eerily similar to the 2019 Notre-Dame Cathedral fire in Paris.

In an attempt to rescue ancient artifacts from the fire, emergency services, members of the Danish Chamber of Commerce, including its CEO Brian Mikkelsen, and even bystanders were observed carrying sizable paintings out of the building.

In the video, a large portion of the burning spire crashed to the ground next to a fire truck as it fell, splitting in half.

The Danish Chamber of Commerce is currently filled with tears. Shaking his head in shock, Mikkelsen told reporters, “It’s their workplace, but it’s also their history.”.

“What I am examining is our cultural legacy. The Danish cultural history and the modern society have been shaped over these 400 years. “.”.

In order to assist with the evacuation of paintings and cultural artifacts, Denmark’s National Museum dispatched 25 workers to the area, the museum said on Fox.

Local media footage showed people perched on the building’s exterior, leafing through paper catalogues that listed and illustrated the artifacts within.

Chief of the Copenhagen Fire Department Jakob Vedsted Andersen told reporters, “We are saving everything we possibly can.”.

Paintings by renowned 19th-century impressionist Peder Severin Kroyer of Denmark were among the pieces saved.

Camilla Jul Bastholm, head of collection storage and curation at Denmark’s National Museum, told Reuters that salvaged objects would be sent there for analysis.

When the fire started, the historic structure—whose spire was fashioned like the intertwined tails of four dragons—was undergoing renovations and covered in scaffolding.

According to the fire department, portions of the roof had collapsed and the fire had spread to multiple storeys. They also stated that the firefighting effort would persist throughout the night.

It wasn’t immediately apparent what started the fire, and authorities stated there were no reports of injuries.


Appalling photos from the Bourse. Such sorrow. A famous structure that holds great significance for each of us dot. “Our own Notre-Dame moment,” Troels Lund Poulsen, the minister of defense, wrote on X.

Thick grey smoke lifted above the city, accompanied by the wail of sirens. The military reported that about ninety conscripts from the army’s Royal Life Guards were assisting in securing and cordoning off valuables.

“I am incredibly depressed. Educator Elisabeth Handberg, 80, stated, “At first, I couldn’t believe it was true. I watched the smoke with my students from our classroom window.”.

It’s been there since King Christian IV’s reign, and then it burns, according to my fifth-graders. It touched them deeply as well,” she continued. “There is no other option, so I’m hoping it gets rebuilt. “.

Thor Koustrup, 23, a software engineer who was also on the street, announced that he would be late for work since he had stopped to observe the fire. It is absurd. He remarked, “I feel like it’s hitting me inside.”.

CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Mikkelsen reported that he had hundreds of emails from interested parties enquiring about how they could support.

Now housing the Chamber of Commerce headquarters, the Dutch Renaissance-style building once housed the Danish stock exchange.


Originally, the structure was designed to house stalls for the trading of goods like tea and spices.

Ulla Kjaer, a senior researcher at the National Museum of Denmark, told Reuters that the dragons were placed above the building because it was thought that Denmark would produce a lot of gold. Gold is said to be guarded by dragons.

The great kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden were represented by the three crowns atop the spire, she continued.

There isn’t another spire like it in the world, Kjaer claimed, adding that it is exceptionally iconic.

King Frederik posted on Instagram, stating, “An important part of our architectural heritage was and still is in flames.”. For many years, Copenhagen’s distinctive dragon spire has contributed to its reputation as the “city of towers.”. “.

The copper roof trapped the heat and made it more difficult for emergency personnel to reach the flames due to the scaffolding surrounding the building.

The fire forced the nearby Finance Ministry to be evacuated, according to the police.

Having owned the building since 1857, the Danish Chamber of Commerce has endeavored to renovate it in the manner of Denmark’s King Christian IV, who had the structure built in the 17th century.

The culture minister, Jakob Engel-Schmidt, told reporters, “The building is full of irreplaceable art that speaks volumes about who we are as a people and a trading nation.”.

Writing by Louise Breusch Rasmussen, editing by Terje Solsvik and Alex Richardson, and reporting by Tom Little, Isabelle Yr Carlsson, and Stine Jacobsen.

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