The Duke crowd drowned out the anti-Israel protesters during the graduation speech

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Jessica Seinfeld, the wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld, praised her husband’s “amazing” Duke University Class of 2024 commencement speech on Instagram over the weekend after a group of anti-Israel protesters tried to interrupt him but found themselves drowned out by the rest of the audience.
A few dozen protesters walked out of their seats, chanting “Free Palestine” along the way, videos of the incident show.
The Duke audience wouldn’t have it, bursting out in chants of “Jerry!
DUKE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS WALK OUT ON JERRY SEINFELD COMMENCEMENT SPEECH, CHANT ‘FREE PALESTINE’ “Amazing crowd @dukeuniversity today where Jerry gave the commencement speech and received an honorary degree,” Jessica Seinfeld wrote on her Instagram story.
“Jerry’s speech was amazing and the grads and their parents gave him a standing ovation.”
JERRY SEINFELD ASKS HOWARD STERN FOR FORGIVENESS AFTER SUGGESTING HE ISN’T FUNNY In the 16-minute clip, Seinfeld took a break from the jokes to give students his “three real keys to life.”
Graduating from Duke University is another privilege for the students attending his speech, he added.
“You cannot beat this school,” Jessica Seinfeld concluded in her Instagram story.


Comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s wife Jessica posted a picture of her husband’s “amazing” commencement speech from Duke University’s Class of 2024 on Instagram over the weekend. The speech was interrupted by some anti-Israel protesters, but they were overpowered by the crowd.

When the small protest started over the weekend, the comedian—who is Jewish and co-chair of the university’s Parents Committee—took the stage to address an audience of more than 7,000 people.

Videos of the event show that a few dozen demonstrators left their seats and chanted “Free Palestine” as they went.

Video demonstrates how the Duke crowd cheered for the comedian and broke into chants of “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!”.


Jessica Seinfeld posted on her Instagram story, “Very impressive audience at Duke University today, where Jerry delivered the commencement speech and was awarded an honorary degree.”. There was only a minor disruption when a few protestors left. “.”.

The stadium began chanting “Jer-ry!” after they were jeered by the spectators, she continued. “After Jerry’s outstanding speech, the graduates and their parents gave him a standing ovation. “.

Honorary degree in hand, Seinfeld went on uninterrupted with his speech.

The university’s YouTube page has Seinfeld’s entire speech.

When Howard Stern implied that he wasn’t funny, Jerry Seinfeld asked him to be forgiving.

Taking a break from his jokes, Seinfeld gave students his “three real keys to life” in the 16-minute clip. “.

“No. 1, bust your asshole “he exclaimed. No. 2. Take note. Not at all. 3. Give in to love. “.

He exhorted the recent graduates to put in a lot of effort and try again if they don’t succeed. Consider the small things in life and ask questions when taking risks.

He also made a subtly disparaging remark about wokeism.

“The term privilege has received a lot of flak lately,” he stated. Nowadays, it seems that having privilege is the worst possible thing. Let me take a moment to explain why. “.

He claimed that being a Jewish child in New York was a luxury for a budding comedian. He continued, saying that another privilege for the students in attendance is to graduate from Duke University.

“You attended Duke, what an amazing privilege,” he remarked. We feel ashamed of accomplishments we ought to be proud of and proud of shortcomings. “.”.

He joked, “You’re never going to believe this, but Harvard used to be a great place to go to school.”. It’s Duke now. “.


Nowadays, Duke is one of the best U. S. experts told Fox News Digital last week that the university is drawing students who, if they weren’t turned off by the administrations’ handling of far-left campus protests, would be Ivy League contenders.

Jessica Seinfeld concluded in her Instagram story, “You cannot beat this school.”. Our name is ForeverDuke. “.

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