The discovery of a missing dog sparks a wave of attacks by settlers

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The body of a missing Israeli teen shepherd was found in the West Bank Saturday morning, and officials are treating the killing as a terror attack.
Benjamin Achimeir, 14, was last seen leaving the settlement of Malachei Shalom early Friday, Israeli media reported.
The Israeli army has classified the killing as a “terrorist attack.” No one group immediately claimed responsibility for the murder.
“We will get to the murderers and their helpers as we do to anyone who harms the citizens of the state of Israel,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Saturday.
Achimeir’s vanishing sparked a wave of settler violence against the Palestinian village of al-Mughayyir.
During Friday’s outcry, 26-year-old Jehad Abu Alia was killed and 25 others were reportedly wounded, according to Palestinian health officials.
While the Hamas terror group fends off an Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip, its allies are also reportedly trying to ignite a second front in the West Bank.
According to the Associated Press, over 460 Palestinians in the West Bank have been killed by Israeli gunfire over the past six months.


Authorities are investigating the death as a terror attack after discovering the body of a missing Israeli teen shepherd early on Saturday morning in the West Bank.

Early on Friday morning, Israeli media reported that 14-year-old Benjamin Achimeir had disappeared from the Malachei Shalom settlement. Later, when he was away, the sheep he was leading returned without him.

On Saturday, a drone spotted his body. Although it hasn’t been verified, it’s thought that the teenager was shot.

The murdering has been labeled a “terrorist attack” by the Israeli army. “.

Not a single organization took immediate credit for the killing.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, declared on Saturday that “we will get to the murderers and their helpers as we do to anyone who harms the citizens of the state of Israel”.

According to the Jerusalem Post, he gave the Israel Defense Forces, Shin Bet, and Israel Police orders to carry out a thorough operational and intelligence investigation into the Palestinian villages in the vicinity of the boy’s discovery.

Al-Mughayyir, a Palestinian village, was the target of a wave of settler violence after Achimeir vanished.

Palestinian health officials report that during Friday’s uproar, Jehad Abu Alia, 26, died and that 25 other people were reportedly injured.

Reports state that after the teen’s body was found on Saturday, dozens of settlers returned to the village and set fire to 12 houses and multiple cars.

According to health officials, three more villagers were hurt, one seriously.

About fifteen houses and ten farms in the neighboring village of Douma were set on fire by Israeli settlers, according to Slieman Dawabsheh, the head of the village council.

He asserted that the Israeli army had attacked the villagers with rubber bullets and tear gas.

In the West Bank, which is claimed by Palestinians even though Israel has been occupying it since 1967, tensions between settlers and Palestinians have been especially high since the Oct. Seven terrorist incidents.

It is also reported that allies of the terror group Hamas are attempting to start a second front in the West Bank while the group repels an Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Over 460 Palestinians have died in the West Bank from Israeli gunfire in the last six months, according to the Associated Press.

With Iran vowing to exact revenge for an Israeli strike that killed a Revolutionary Guards leader earlier this month, Israel is bracing for what appears to be an impending direct attack. This is the aftermath of Binyamin Achimeir’s passing.

A Portuguese-flagged ship with ties to Israel has already been taken over by the IRGC close to the Strait of Hormuz.

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