The discovery of a lethal ‘Super Mario’ mix deepens the Central New York drug crisis

A drug made up of a dangerous mix of substances has been identified in the Central New York area, leading to a Public Health Alert.
Two samples from bags labeled “Super Mario” were collected on May 20 and tested on June 6.
They were found to have a combination of fentanyl, xylazine and trace amounts of heroin and carfentanil, a potent drug considered to be up to 100 times stronger than fentanyl.
ACR Health, a New York State Department of Health Drug Checking Program community partner in Syracuse is testing a third sample.
“Carfentanil is a veterinary drug that is no longer marketed because it is so dangerous.
The Department partners with community programs that provide access to drug checking so these dangerous substances are identified before they are used by a person who uses drugs and risks overdose,” said State Health Commissioner Dr. James McDonald.
While bags containing the dangerous mix were labeled “Super Mario,” it’s important for individuals to take precautions with any unregulated substance, regardless of its label or packaging the State Health Department said.
New York state has not announced any deaths directly related to “Super Mario.” More information on the State Department of Health Community Drug Checking Program and how to access drug-checking services can be found on the Department’s .


A Public Health Alert has been issued after a drug found in the Central New York region that is composed of a hazardous combination of substances was discovered.

On May 20, two samples from bags marked “Super Mario” were taken, and on June 6, they underwent testing. They tested positive for carfentanil, a powerful drug thought to be up to 100 times stronger than fentanyl, and had traces of heroin and xylazine in addition to fentanyl. In Syracuse, ACR Health, a community partner of the New York State Department of Health Drug Checking Program, is testing a third sample.

Because it is so dangerous, the veterinary medication carbentanil is no longer marketed. In order to identify these dangerous substances before they are used by a drug user and increase the risk of an overdose, the Department collaborates with community programs that offer drug testing access, according to State Health Commissioner Dr. James McDonald. “This dangerous substance was quickly identified by our Drug Checking Program at ACR Health, which is still essential to our harm reduction and public health surveillance efforts as well as helping drug users find resources and support. “.

Ten thousand times more potent than morphine and one hundred times more potent than fentanyl is carfentanil, a synthetic opioid. Elephants and other large mammals are put under its sedative effect.

The drug “knocked them out,” according to users of the substance. According to reports, the sample was connected to serious injuries that were treated in the emergency room; the injuries reportedly appeared two to three weeks after use. The combination of these drugs raises the possibility that users may experience negative side effects like prolonged respiratory suppression, prolonged sedation (blackouts), overdoses, and potential skin lesions. An overdose is still possible for those who are aware of the combination.

The packaging or label of the bags that contained the hazardous mixture may say “Super Mario,” but the State Health Department advised people to exercise caution when handling any unregulated substance.

Nothing concerning “Super Mario”-related deaths has been reported in New York state. “.

Visit the State Department of Health’s website for more details on the Community Drug Checking Program and instructions on how to use it.

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