The Charlotte shooting killed 4 officers

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Here’s what we know about the shooting, the investigation, the victims and the suspect: What happened in Charlotte?
Multiple officers were hit, and the other task force members called in reinforcements.
As local police arrived and began to rescue the downed task force members, more gunfire came from the house and additional officers were struck, police said.
Of the eight who were struck, three members of the task force and an officer with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department died at area hospitals.
12 police officers placed on paid leave In the shootout, 12 officers with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department fired their service weapons.
The two fathers were task force members assigned to the U.S.
Marshals Carolinas Regional Fugitive Task Force.
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Officer Joshua Eyer was shot at the scene and fought for his life in the hospital for several hours before he died with his wife and family by his side.


Charlotte, N.C. B. Wednesday saw investigators continue their efforts to piece together the events leading up to the deadly shooting in east Charlotte that claimed the lives of four officers and wounded four more. The incident shocked the nation’s law enforcement community and inspired an outpouring of support for the officers and their families.

In order to deal with the aftermath of the deaths—four families have lost a father and a husband—civil and religious leaders are pleading with the community for grace, love, and patience.

The details of the incident, including whether it was appropriate for law enforcement to engage in a protracted gunfight in the middle of a neighborhood during the day, have not been discussed by officials.

“We do have problems with violence, just like many other cities in this country. But after a community prayer vigil on Tuesday night, Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles stated, “I think most of the time we can identify why and how.”. “I believe that more information about the how and why of this matter will likely become available once the investigation is completed. And my aim is that we close the case, draw real conclusions from the events, and proceed as a team. “.

What we know about the victims, the suspect, the shooting, and the investigation is as follows:.

What occurred in Charlotte?

The afternoon of Monday, individuals from a U. s. A fugitive with a powerful rifle started shooting at the Marshals Service task force from the second floor of a house in east Charlotte while they were carrying out an active felony warrant, according to a statement from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. The other task force members called in reinforcements after several officers were hit. More gunfire emerged from the house, and more officers were hit as local police arrived and started to rescue the downed task force members, according to the police.

Terry Clark Hughes Jr., 39, has been named as the gunman. was shot by police after he left the house brandishing a gun. In front of the lawn, he was declared deceased.

Eight law enforcement officers were struck in all. Three task force members and one Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officer perished at local hospitals out of the eight people who were struck.

Most police officers who have been hurt are recovering at home.

Officials stated on Tuesday that it was anticipated that the four injured officers from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department would recover.

First hired in May 2006, Officer Christopher Tolley underwent surgery to treat his gunshot wounds, and the police department reports that he is still in stable condition at the hospital.

A four-year department veteran, Justin Campbell was treated for injuries including a broken foot before being released on Tuesday morning.

After receiving treatment for gunshot wounds, Michael Giglio, an officer who has been with the department since February 2021, was released from the hospital on Monday. Police Officer Jack Blowers, who was hired in February 2023, was also treated and released on the same day.

Was there another gunman present?

Police have since recanted their initial claim that they thought there was a second shooter inside the home. According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Johnny Jennings, gunfire appeared to originate from “multiple locations within the house” after Hughes was subdued by police, as he stated to reporters during a press conference on Tuesday. “.”.

Jennings said that authorities are “not ready to say” that there was a shooter besides Hughes, leaving the question unanswered. To determine the exact chronology of the incident, investigators are examining the body camera and available evidence, he said.

Two of the women who lived there have assisted the investigators.

Following Hughes’s death, the police detained two women, a 17-year-old and an adult. Jennings stated on Tuesday that neither party was searching for more suspects and that both have cooperated with the investigation.

According to Jennings, “We feel like we have everyone involved that was at the house that we need to speak with.”.

According to Jennings, the women are not accused, but the possibility that they could be charged with a crime has not been ruled out by the investigators. Jennings withheld information about their relationship with Hughes and each other, despite the fact that they had both entered the house voluntarily.

The processing of evidence is underway.

The house is still being searched, and evidence is still being processed. A 40-caliber handgun, a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle, and extra magazines and ammunition for both weapons have been discovered. Hughes cannot lawfully purchase a weapon because he is a convicted felon, so it is unclear how he obtained his weapon.

“You have to be aware of the volume of evidence that will be gathered—likely well over 100 gunshot rounds, projectiles, and casings—that Jennings stated, pleading for patience.

Twelve police officers were given paid time off.

Twelve police officers from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department fired their service weapons during the gunfight. As is customary in any shooting involving an officer, they have all been placed on paid administrative leave, according to Jennings. One investigation will be opened independently by the department’s internal affairs unit.

The chief declared, “This is still an active and ongoing investigation.”. “A little . will appear. questions that won’t go away, at least not until we can finish this investigation a little bit more. ****.

What is known about the officers who died.

Sam Poloche, 42, and Alden Elliot, 46, both employed by the state’s Department of Adult Correction, were two of the fallen officers. Members of the task force assigned to the U.S. were the two fathers. s. The Regional Fugitive Task Force of the Carolinas Marshals.

In 2013, Poloche joined the special operations and intelligence unit of the corrections department, and Elliot joined in 2016. Probation and parole officers was their occupation for a number of years, the agency said.

Elliot is survived by his spouse and one child, while Poloche is survived by his wife and two children.

According to a statement from the corrections department, “They were passionate about their roles in protecting our communities and loved their work.”. “These officers made the ultimate sacrifice for our state and died as heroes. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families and friends, as we remember them, honor their service, and hope that everyone impacted by this tragic event finds healing. “.

You. s. Marshals Deputy Thomas M. Weeks Jr. died as well. She was 48 years old and from Mooresville, North Carolina. The father of four children and husband worked for the Marshals Service for thirteen years, the majority of which he spent in the western district of North Carolina.

Weeks worked with Customs and Border Protection for eight years prior to joining the Marshals Service. He started working at the Washington, D.C., in 2011. the Superior Court prior to moving to Charlotte in 2014.

Officer Joshua Eyer of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department was shot on the spot, and after fighting for several hours in the hospital, he passed away with his wife and family by his side. Eyer, a six-year police department veteran and father of a three-year-old, was recently named officer of the month.

At the vigil on Tuesday night, Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles stated, “Our challenge to this community is to make sure that 3-year-old son grows up knowing his dad.”. “We should be honored to know and talk about his father, who served as a law enforcement officer and was a hero. ****.

If there is any silver lining to the tragedy, according to a number of civic and religious leaders, it might compel Charlotte to address the issue of gun violence and the dynamics between law enforcement and the community more quickly.

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