The CDC team arrived in Chicago to help with the response to the outbreak


CNN —A team of experts from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention arrived in Chicago on Tuesday to help local public health officials manage a measles outbreak there.
The Chicago Department of Public Health said last week that the city had its first measles case since 2019.
The department announced Sunday that there were two unrelated measles cases among children at a migrant shelter in a large warehouse in the city’s Pilsen neighborhood.
One child has recovered and is no longer infectious, the health department said.
The CDC team will work closely with the city and state health departments to help identify people who may be at risk for getting sick.
The patients with measles had sought medical help from Stroger Hospital’s emergency department, Arlington Heights Health Center and the CCH’s Professional Building.
In responding to the measles cases, Cook County Health said it followed all reporting protocols with local and state public health authorities.
Health workers assessed nearly all of the shelter’s residents over the weekend and vaccinated more than 900 of them, the Chicago health department says.
In May, officials said they expected an influx of migrants to follow the expiration of Title 42, a Trump-era pandemic public health order aimed at stopping the spread of Covid-19.
Before the nation’s measles vaccination program, about 3 million to 4 million people got the virus every year, and about 400 to 500 died.


To assist local public health officials in controlling a measles outbreak in Chicago, a team of specialists from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention traveled there on Tuesday.

Last week, the Chicago Department of Public Health reported that the city had seen its first case of measles since 2019. According to the department, the patient is recuperating nicely at home.

Two separate cases of measles among children at a migrant shelter housed in a sizable warehouse in the city’s Pilsen neighborhood were reported to the department on Sunday. The health department stated that one kid has recovered and is no longer contagious. Despite being hospitalized, the second child is doing well.

The department announced on Monday that two additional cases involving adults in the shelter have been identified, bringing the total number of cases in the city to five. The adult patients’ conditions are stable.

The CDC claims it has not dispatched staff to any other recent measles outbreaks, only sending its specialists when asked by local authorities.

To identify individuals who may be at risk of illness, the CDC team will collaborate closely with the state and local health departments. The team will collaborate with local partners to train influential community leaders and clinicians who can stress the value of vaccination, as well as offer clinical advice and assist in organizing testing. In order to ensure that there is a sufficient supply of vaccines for both adults and children, the CDC will also offer advice on how to conduct a vaccination campaign that targets specific schools, shelters, and other congregate settings.

Although most Chicagoans are immune to the measles and are therefore not at high risk, we are adamantly advising all Chicagoans, including recent immigrants, to get vaccinated against the disease as soon as possible. The Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner, Dr. Olusimbo “Simbo” Ige, stated in a statement on Sunday that “it is by far the best protection against measles, which is for the first time in years in our city.”.

“I anticipate seeing more cases because measles is a highly contagious disease.”. If you have not received your vaccination, you should call a healthcare provider and place yourself in quarantine right away if you come into contact with someone who has the measles. Please stay at home and give your healthcare provider a call as soon as possible if you are unsure of your vaccination status. “.

On Monday, the medical facility Cook County Health announced that it was working with other regional offices to contact patients and employees who were believed to be in close proximity to some of the measles patients. The measles patients had visited the emergency room of Stroger Hospital, the Arlington Heights Health Center, and the Professional Building of the CCH for medical attention. Cook County Health said that it complied with all reporting guidelines with regional and state public health agencies when handling the measles cases.

The health care system stated, “We believe the risk to our staff is low, as vaccination is a requirement of employment at Cook County Health.”. “Vaccination is crucial in stopping the measles from spreading,” we can’t stress this enough. “.

Despite being extremely contagious and causing severe symptoms that can result in pneumonia and other potentially fatal complications, measles is preventable through vaccination.

Those who have not received the measles vaccination run the risk of becoming ill if they come into contact with contaminated surfaces or breathe in contaminated air. According to research, it can stay for an hour or two in the vicinity of a cough or sneeze.

According to the CDC, an individual can spread measles approximately four days prior to and four days following the rash that is characteristic of the virus.

A mild to moderate fever, runny nose, coughing, and red, watery eyes are the usual first symptoms of measles. Additionally, some people experience stomach issues.

For infants and young children, the illness can be especially challenging.

The majority of Americans receive two doses of the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine during their early years. The vaccine is thought to be more than 95% effective after a single dose and 97% effective after a second dose in terms of preventing illness following exposure.

“CDC maintains that the MMR vaccination is safe and effective and should be included in the regular immunization schedule for all children and adults, with specific recommendations for international travel,” the organization stated in a statement on Monday. We’ll keep you informed as new information becomes available. “.

Additionally, public health managers from Cook County Health, Rush University Medical Center, and the University of Illinois at Chicago have joined forces, according to the Chicago health department.

Over the course of the weekend, medical personnel examined almost all of the shelter’s occupants and administered vaccinations to over 900 of them, according to the Chicago health department.

According to the health department, more than 700 residents were found to be immune to vaccinations or infections, and they are free to come and go. People who have not received a vaccination or who received one recently from the city are required to remain in quarantine for 21 days while being watched for symptoms.

To all newcomers who go through the city intake procedure, Cook County Health provides medical assessments. According to the health care system, it has treated 27,057 patients to date and provided all necessary vaccinations, such as the MMR shot. According to a department statement on Monday, more than 73,400 newly admitted patients have received vaccinations against measles, the flu, Covid, varicella, and other illnesses.

In May, authorities stated they anticipated a wave of immigration to coincide with the termination of Title 42, a public health order issued during the Trump administration to curb the spread of Covid-19. The policy turned into a crucial instrument that authorities utilized to send migrants back across the border between the US and Mexico. Communities may need to keep an eye out for potential cases of infectious disease, according to remarks made at the time by then-CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky.

Health care professionals must acknowledge that, similar to previous instances, “we may have under-vaccinated people who are settling in communities, and we need to watch out for infectious threats,” the spokesperson stated.

Although measles was thought to have been eradicated in the US in 2000, cases have been reported all over the nation. Several cases from an outbreak in Florida last month were connected to students at an elementary school.

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45 cases had been reported in 17 jurisdictions nationwide as of March 7, according to the CDC. In the United States, there were 58 cases during the entire previous year.

A 2023 CDC report states that by the age of two, about 92% of US children had received the MMR vaccination, which is less than the federal goal of 95%.

According to CDC data, the proportion of kindergarten students who received the state-mandated measles vaccinations also stayed below the federal target for the 2022–2023 school year. Furthermore, the percentage of vaccine exemptions for children has risen to the highest level ever documented in US history.

The CDC recommends giving children the MMR vaccine in two doses: one at 12 to 15 months of age and another at 4 to 6 years of age.

Prior to the country’s measles vaccination campaign, the virus killed 400–500 people annually and infected 3–4 million people annually.

This report was assisted by Carma Hassan, Jennifer Feldman, and Amanda Musa of CNN.

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