The blue wall states that Trump won but lost are Michigan and Wisconsin

A significant Trump ally filed a complaint on Tuesday against a Washington, DC, district judge who made an appearance on CNN last week and made crude remarks about the outgoing president.
Chief Judge Sri Srinivasan of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals received Davis’ complaint.
Trump claimed in posts at the time that Judge Merchan was “totally compromised” and had “acute Trump derangement syndrome.”. He also expressed dissatisfaction with Loren Merchan for spreading false information regarding her online behavior.
According to Davis, “it is not possible for a rational individual to peruse President Trump’s social media posts and conclude that he issued any kind of threat.”.
For instance, President Trump did not dox the judge’s and his adult daughter’s home addresses.
President Trump also didn’t support unlawful demonstrations outside of their residences. Apart from Walton’s appearance on CNN, the judge from Washington, DC, has previously referred to Trump as a “charlatan,” asserting that “I don’t think he cares about democracy, only power,” and raising doubts about whether the candidate would concede defeat.
“As it taints four different jury pools, Judge Walton’s blatant violation is highly prejudicial to President Trump,” he continued.
Judge Merchan renewed his gag order against Trump on Monday, which forbade him from disparaging the court staff, prosecutors, witnesses, or anybody else. to encompass the relatives of the judge.


On Tuesday, Donald Trump will make his comeback to the campaign trail with stops in Michigan and Wisconsin, two crucial Midwest battlegrounds that he won eight years ago but that have largely irritated Republicans for the duration.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, the former president is expected to make his first public appearance and discuss the US-Mexico border. After that, Trump will make his way to Green Bay, Wisconsin, for his first rally there since declaring his third run for the presidency.

The visits coincide with a noticeable slowdown in Trump’s campaign activities in the weeks following his announcement as the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination. Since Super Tuesday, Trump has hosted two campaign events; concurrently, President Joe Biden has increased his political activity, making stops in Wisconsin and Michigan. Trump, on the other hand, has attacked the judges and prosecutors in charge of the various legal cases against the former president as well as his Democratic opponent in a barrage of recent social media posts.

The so-called “blue wall” of states that Democrats had depended on in every election since 1992 began to collapse in the wake of Trump’s stunning 2016 wins in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Republicans were encouraged by Trump’s exceptional performance among blue-collar voters to envision a political realignment that might make the Rust Belt red for the foreseeable future.

As an example, in 2020, when Biden won all three of the states by a narrow margin, Republicans have found it difficult to repeat Trump’s early electoral success. During that period, Democrats also won control of the governorships in Wisconsin and Michigan, as well as the Senate seat in Pennsylvania in 2022, which proved essential to retaining control of the chamber.

However, those days are long gone when Democrats could rely on these states to support them in national elections. According to early polls, Michigan and Wisconsin present a problem for Biden and a chance for Trump to gain electoral votes in the upper Midwest.

By a margin of more than 150,000 votes, Biden won Michigan in 2020. In Wisconsin, he won by roughly 21,000 votes, or a 0.07 percentage point margin, but the margin was far smaller.

Republican politics have been agitated in both states by attempts to rig the 2020 election, including the use of fictitious electors, sometimes with Trump’s help. In 2022, an attack was launched by the former president on Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos for declining to revoke the state’s presidential result, even though he lacked the authority to do so.

In an attempt to promote falsehoods regarding the outcome in Wisconsin, Trump said on a local radio program on Monday that he did better there in 2020 than he did in 2016, a claim that the results refuted.

Brianna Johnson, a spokeswoman for the Biden campaign in Wisconsin, immediately took offense at the comments and charged that Trump was “spreading the same lies that inspired a mob to assault police officers and try to violently overturn an election he knows he lost.”. “.

The statement she released said, “Trump is reminding voters he has nothing to offer but resentment, revenge, and retribution – and no vision or plan to make life easier for Wisconsin families.”.

In 2024, Wisconsin is a “must-win state,” according to a senior Trump adviser. He also stated that the campaign has learned from the mistakes made four years prior, which resulted in Trump’s narrow loss there, and that Wisconsin would have a “robust volunteer-driven” organization this cycle.

But not a single advertisement has been released by Trump’s campaign in the state yet. In an effort to close a fundraising gap with Democrats, Republicans have been hesitant to make investments in strategic battlegrounds. Furthermore, Trump hasn’t made an appearance in the state since August 2022. Johnson asserted that Wisconsin Democrats “never stopped reaching voters after significant victories in 2022 and 2023.”. “.

But against Republican Sen., the state party suffered its most notable recent setback. Ron Johnson, who was helped by veteran GOP strategist Chris LaCivita to win reelection two years ago; LaCivita is currently a top adviser to Trump.

With an emphasis on immigration and crime, two topics that fueled his unexpected performance in 2016, Trump is already beginning to win over voters in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Trump’s campaign says he will speak in Michigan about Biden’s “border bloodbath,” bringing up a phrase he recently used to harsh criticism from Democrats, and he will also issue a warning about what would happen to the nation and auto industry if Biden were to win a second term. CNN was informed by people familiar with his planned remarks that he plans to highlight instances of violent crimes allegedly committed by illegal immigrants.

The family of Ruby Garcia, who was allegedly killed by an undocumented immigrant with whom she had a romantic relationship, was invited by President Trump to his Michigan event on Monday.

In an interview with a Michigan local radio program, Trump stated, “I’d love to have her family there if they’d like to be there.”. It would be an honor for me. “.

Republicans in Michigan have elevated immigration to a prominent position, despite the state being approximately 1,500 miles away from the US-Mexico border. In a press release prior to Trump’s arrival, state GOP chairman Pete Hoekstra stated that suburban families in West Michigan “are now facing the fact that the worst issues of the Southern Border have now made their way into our backyard.”. “.

After the economy and “protecting democracy,” immigration was ranked as the top priority by 15% of Michigan’s registered voters, according to a recent CNN poll. “.

The Biden campaign debuted a new ad on abortion rights in the Wolverine State on Tuesday, ahead of the former president’s visit. It further indicated that Trump had aided in the demise of a bipartisan Senate agreement that would have increased funding for border security.

According to Alyssa Bradley, the Michigan representative for Joe Biden’s campaign, “it was Donald Trump who ordered his MAGA allies to kill it because he thinks it helps him politically.”. He is genuinely unconcerned with border security. “.

This story was enhanced by CNN’s Kate Sullivan.

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