The Biden campaign ad blames Trump for the death of the woman

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President Biden’s re-election campaign on Monday released a searing campaign ad blaming former President Donald J. Trump for the near-death of a Texas woman who suffered infections after she was denied an abortion following a miscarriage.
The ad, in which the woman, Amanda Zurawski, sobs about the loss of the baby she and her husband had wanted to name Willow, describes the infection that nearly killed her because of the Texas law that prohibits abortions even when they are medically necessary.
The president’s advisers believe angry voters will blame Mr. Trump for the court decision — and the subsequent actions by conservative legislatures to impose severe limits on abortions in several states — when they vote in November.
The issue has been central in several recent Democratic election victories.
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On Monday, the reelection campaign of President Biden unveiled a biting advertisement criticizing former President Donald J. Trump for the near-death experience of a Texas woman who contracted infections after her miscarriage and was refused an abortion.

The woman, Amanda Zurawski, weeps in the advertisement for the baby that she and her spouse had hoped to name Willow. She also talks about the infection that almost killed her due to a Texas law that forbids abortions even in cases where they are medically necessary.

The next thing viewers see is a black screen with the words “Donald Trump did this.”. “.

The commercial captures Mr. Biden’s campaign’s tactic of capitalizing on ire over the Supreme Court’s 2022 decision to reverse Roe v. Wade, the court ruling that had safeguarded women’s access to abortions for almost fifty years.

The president’s advisors predict that when voters cast their ballots in November, enraged voters will hold Mr. Trump accountable for the court ruling and the subsequent moves by conservative legislatures to severely restrict abortion rights in a number of states. A number of recent Democratic election victories have revolved around this issue.

“Only because of the judges that the previous president and Senate Republicans appointed to the courts are severe abortion prohibitions now in force across the nation,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated to reporters on Monday.

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